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  • Pumpkin Bread

    pumpkin bread2

    pumpkin bread

    Last weekend I realized I hadn’t had much of my favorite seasonal snack! Pumpkin cake is my favorite fall treat, but I’ve been trying to stay away from sweets during my marathon training. It’s getting harder as we get closer to Halloween. So, I started to look for healthy pumpkin recipes and I was really pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one wanting a healthier alternative! I will never claim a recipe as my own, I’m a Pinterest baker. Even so, this was a fantastic recipe and I am probably going to make it again next weekend. The only thing I would do differently is refrigerate the leftovers so they last longer. Find the recipe here!

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  • Training Update: Week #9

    mavs 5k

    What a week! Last week was so busy, and on top of that we had a ton of rain. Apparently everything is bigger in Texas, even the rainstorms! It all started on Thursday with dark clouds and thunder. It was also the night of the Mavs 5K, the last race in the Run Dallas Race Series. I thought for sure the race would be cancelled when they started ushering everyone into the American Airlines Center due to lightning. But, sure enough, fifteen minutes later we were lining up. Ready, set, cue the rain, go!

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  • Training Update: Week #8

    I can’t believe that the race is in already in two months! I feel like it is sneaking up on me so quickly. So far, I feel really great about my progress. Last weekend I ran 10.5 miles Saturday morning before starting my weekend. My knee is still sore a couple of days later but that could have a little to do with the fact that I didn’t rest it much afterwards. After my bad week last week I am a little off my original schedule, but with the DRC Half Marathon coming up on November 1, I should be back on track soon. I left a little bit of wiggle room in there, so I’m not worried yet. I just need to get my diet back on track after my weekend. (Read about it tomorrow!)

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  • Training Update: Week #6 DRC 15K Loop


    If you follow me on Instagram you know that I ran a 15K this weekend with the Dallas Running Club. It was a chilly morning that turned into perfect running weather. 9.3 miles later (or 9.5 miles if I refer to my running app) I was a finisher with a decent average mile pace. I’m really happy with it, and the best part is, I’m not sore! Although that night I was told I should try out for a part on The Walking Dead because I was doing a fabulous zombie walk, I managed to wake up the next day in pretty good condition.

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  • My Fall Nail Color


    You know when you walk into Target looking for two things and end up leaving with 20? I had one of those days last weekend. I went in with a plan, but ended up picking up a basket (my first mistake) and stopping at the dollar section (my next mistake), and it got worse as I perused the store. I didn’t think I picked up that much, but when I got in the express lane and started emptying my basket I realized I definitely had over 10 items. My apologies to the people behind me in line, that has to happen pretty often… right? Anyways a couple of my favorite purchases are featured here: first Essie nail polish in School Boy Blazer. I love dark nail polish for Fall, but I’ve never tried navy. I’m in love, I think this will stay on my nails for the whole season… or at least until I go back to target! Below you see a bit of my lovely hat as featured in this post. (Although I’m excited about them both, neither of these were the items I had planned too purchase… )

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  • Training Update: Week #5

    7.52 miles down! It’s really unbelievable what I willingly do to myself. My run on the trail would have ended at 6.5 miles or so, but somehow I (rightly) convinced myself that cutting my run short was only cheating myself. This was completely true, but I don’t always listen to myself. You see, I’m pretty stubborn. I can talk myself into and out of pretty much anything.

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  • Training Update: Week #4

    6 miles down! I’m SO proud of my progress this week! I was consistent and stuck with my schedule, was much more aware of what I was eating, and drank more water. Now, my next step is altering my social life, just a little bit. Before this run I was out all day and up all night. Not exactly the ideal training situation.

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