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  • Habitat for Humanity

    I have wanted to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for a long time now, but there’s always an excuse not to do it. I finally signed up and decided to go for it last weekend, so I got up at 5:30am and went to build a house. It was such a fantastic experence! I helped to install windows, prep the house for brick, and destroy some concrete (aka taking out my frustrations on cement with a hammer). One of the best parts of this experience was meeting the homeowner. She told us about her 3 kids, and was just as active on the site as the volunteers.

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  • Hanging with the ‘Zonans

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    I have travelled all over the world, but until I moved to Dallas, the farthest west I had ever been in the US was Chicago. A few weeks ago I took a trip to Phoenix with a girl friend. Phoenix? In the middle of July?! (Said everyone.) It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. There were cacti in the medians on the road, and driving down the highway there’s mountains in every direction. It was beautiful, especially when we decided to go hiking. Stopping only for a water break and take a few scenery snaps, our couple-mile hike was great. Of course I had to snap a photo with my Lokai bracelet… how could I not? I absolutely love what it stands for, and hiking up a mountain it couldn’t have been more relevant. “Stay humble, stay hopeful.” At this point in my life, I love having that reminder on my wrist every day.

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