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  • The Best Posts and Instagrams of 2016

    I can’t believe it’s almost 2017! It has been such an amazing year for me. I started Running in Heels, I landed my job as a Social Media Manager, I met Nataly of Beautifully Elegant Blog, got my second puppy Mia, and celebrated a year with my boyfriend, Kale. It has really been an amazing year and looking back, I can really see how far I’ve come. Do you believe I started 2016 with less than 400 Instagram followers? Crazy. So what I really want to say is thank you. The support of all of you, my friends, family, and readers, is really amazing. Thank you for reading, following, and supporting me through this amazing journey!

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  • Morning Make-Up Routine

    A few weeks ago I told you about my weekend beauty routine. I realized, though I never went through my actual day-to-day routine. Every day I have a similar morning make-up routine that I’ve perfected over the years. Every once in a while I switch out some products, and that’s why I love boxes like Lilee (c/o). They deliver a box of fun products each month ranging from beauty products, to home or kitchen accessories, or even fashion pieces!

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  • Holiday Party Outfit

    It is the most wonderful time of the year! The weather is getting colder, so hot chocolates and peppermint mochas are my go-to drinks, and holiday parties are being planned! I like to stray from traditional red and green with my holiday party outfit, so this year I opted for this stunning gold sequined top courtesy of PB&J Boutique!

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  • A Smile Goes with Every Outfit

    If you’ve been following me for a while, here or on Instagram you’ll notice I smile in a lot of my photos. While looking put together and stylish comes with having a fashion and style blog, I really like to put my personality behind my posts and photos. It really wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t looking happy or I was trying some model-gaze out into the distance. (Believe me it does not turn out looking like a model!) No matter the post, event, occasion, or day of the week, I want my teeth looking as white as possible!

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  • Pamper Yourself

    On the weekends, I try to relax a bit. I watch television, drink lots of coffee, and play with my pups! I also like to take the time to pamper myself a bit. During the week, I don’t have a ton of time for face masks, hair masks, painting my nails, so when I get a minute to myself on the weekend, I try to do it all!

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  • Snail Your Confidence with Kenra

    We all have the pieces and parts about ourselves that we love. The things that make you, you and me, me. These little things that are unique to us individually, make us feel confident. Confidence is something that’s hard to find sometimes. There is one thing that always makes me feel great: my hair. It’s like wearing something you know looks amazing on you or that feeling you get when you put on a new pair of shoes. For me, my hair is something that I love about myself. Long, short, dark, light, it doesn’t matter because it’s mine and I love it. I know that when I feel good about my hair, I’m confident, it’s the equivalent of a lawyer’s power suit or a killer pair of heels. That’s why when I find something that makes it better, I have to share! My secret? Snail Essence.

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  • Running in Heels, Fashion, VH1 Save The Music, Musically Mastered Menu

    VH1 Save the Music Fundraiser

    I am so excited to share this post with you, because last week I went to a really cool fundraiser that means so much to me! Music has always been a big part of my life. I’m not a piano prodigy, but as a ballerina, I was taught the importance of music and the arts growing up. That’s why I moved everything around to attend the VH1 Save the Music Fundraiser, Musically Mastered Menu!

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  • You Had Me at Merlot, Running in Heels at the State Fair

    You Had Me at Merlot, Texas State Fair

    Happy Monday! I have had a crazy last 10 days, but I am finally rested and ready for a new week. After Austin, I had another trip to Phoenix for work, (which happened to be hotter than Texas), and we had an hour to kill before our flight back so we stopped at the mall across from our hotel. We wandered into Old Navy and they had the cutest pieces! I grabbed this tank that says ‘You had me at Merlot’ and thought it was perfect to wear to the Texas State Fair the next day!

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  • Running in Heels, Austin City Limiits, ACL Weekend, Festival Style

    ACL and Austin for the Weekend

    If you’ve been following along on Instagram or Snapchat (@kasey_lynn18), you know that I was in Austin this past weekend with my boyfriend! We had the most amazing time, from going out to ACL, to Lake Travis! We drove up on Friday and went to a really great dinner at Carmelo’s. After dinner, I experienced 6th street for the first time, which I have been so excited to do! We went to Coyote Ugly and a few other bars, it was such a crazy place! They shut down the entire street, I didn’t even recognize it when we stopped back in the morning for donuts!

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  • Vogue’s Issues with Fashion Bloggers

    I was going to write a blog for today about tying your blanket scarf (moved to Monday), but I read this article and felt like I needed to respond to the Vogue editors that think fashion bloggers should “Find another business.” I used to look up to Vogue, pour over the pages of ads, articles and editorial shoots and hope that someday I would make it in the fashion industry. That magazine gave me a goal, something to look up to, which proved just about unreachable in many circumstances. (Want an internship? You’ll have to pay them for it.*)

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