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  • 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access | Running in Heels

    2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access: What to spend over $100 on

    While there are so many amazing pieces to choose from in the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access, if your were only going to buy one or two things I have an opinion on what that should be. There are few things I'll spend more than $100 on, and that is still a lot of money to me, so I don't take what I'm about to recommend lightly.

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  • Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist + Purchases

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wishlist & Purchases

    Since the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just went live online, I obviously don't have the pieces to shoot yet, so I'm sharing my wishlist and a reminder of the awesome pieces I picked up last year!

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  • A Burgundy Sweater for the New Year

    Happy 2017! I’m so excited for this year and everything in store. I already reviewed my year, so I won’t do it again here, but I do want to say thank you! You guys are all the best followers and amazing for supporting Running in Heels! OK how cute is this burgundy sweater? I partnered with Majestii boutique for this post and I love this burgundy/wine color for this season, it’s the perfect accent to my grey/black wardrobe! Although this was meant to be a sweater, when I tried it on with pants, the burgundy sweater was cute, but I just felt like it was too boring. So, I layered it over this grey knit dress, and voila, it’s a newly styled piece! Also did you notice the cutouts on the shoulders?  As you may have noticed, I’m not a fan of the true cold-shoulder style, but this burgundy sweater just has the small cutouts on the neck like this top, which I love!

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  • A Smile Goes with Every Outfit

    If you’ve been following me for a while, here or on Instagram you’ll notice I smile in a lot of my photos. While looking put together and stylish comes with having a fashion and style blog, I really like to put my personality behind my posts and photos. It really wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t looking happy or I was trying some model-gaze out into the distance. (Believe me it does not turn out looking like a model!) No matter the post, event, occasion, or day of the week, I want my teeth looking as white as possible!

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  • Grey Strappy Top

    Happy Tuesday! This time of year is really fun for me because I get to see my family, decorate, and shop! Cyber Week and holiday shopping are some of my favorite things! You have to throw a couple of things in for yourself, too, but in order to not feel guilty you don’t want to spend too much! This long-sleeved strappy top is not only perfect for the cooler weather we’ve been having, but it’s on sale and under $12!

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  • The Perfect Holiday Travel Outfit

    Traveling around the holidays is rough. I should know, last year I had three flights cancelled between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Granted, the first problem was that I missed my original flight home and the return was cancelled, but the other two were weather issues. Living half-way across the country from my family and child-hood friends means lots of trips, especially around this time of year. So, I’ve put together the perfect travel outfit to keep you looking cute and comfortable!

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  • Reversible for Easy Transitions

    When I started Running in Heels I wanted to inspire women on the go. Women like me who are constantly running around, but want to look good while bouncing from place to place. Anything reversible makes things like changing up your look so simple! I love being able to transform my outfit with an easy maneuver, but without having to make a stop to change at home. When I first picked up this top in the store, I didn’t even realize it was reversible, that’s when you know you’ve got a good one! You don’t want it to look weird or like it’s supposed to be something it isn’t. Thos top is an easy blouse with two layers with a cute pop of color on the straps!

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  • Snail Your Confidence with Kenra

    We all have the pieces and parts about ourselves that we love. The things that make you, you and me, me. These little things that are unique to us individually, make us feel confident. Confidence is something that’s hard to find sometimes. There is one thing that always makes me feel great: my hair. It’s like wearing something you know looks amazing on you or that feeling you get when you put on a new pair of shoes. For me, my hair is something that I love about myself. Long, short, dark, light, it doesn’t matter because it’s mine and I love it. I know that when I feel good about my hair, I’m confident, it’s the equivalent of a lawyer’s power suit or a killer pair of heels. That’s why when I find something that makes it better, I have to share! My secret? Snail Essence.

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  • A Classic Look

    Happy Halloween! I’m not dressed up in costume today, but I do love this outfit! Don’t you just love a classic look? I know I do, and nothing screams classic more to me than black, white and pearls. A hint of red in the mix to spice up the outfit and you’ve got a fun, classic look for any occasion! I love this skirt because it is so far out of my comfort zone. Generally, I go for shorter skirts, but then this one came along. I originally bought it for the Fashion X Dallas shows, however it quickly found a place in my everyday life.

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  • Blue Suede and Fall Flowers

    Happy Friday! I am so happy this week is almost over. I am so ready for the weekend and a bit of a break. Last week I ran to the grocery store right before a blog shoot and found these pretty fall flowers! I don’t usually buy flowers for myself, but hey, anything for a fun photo, right? I styled this Fall look using some of my Fall Outfit Recipe, and adding another crucial piece to have in your closet for Fall, suede!

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