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  • Feeling the 70s Vibe

    printed pants2

    The 70s are back, and while there are some things that we probably shouldn’t repeat, there’s a certain beauty to the peace and love mindset. I love the flow of this outfit, it’s comfy and colorful. I was drawn to the print, which I don’t normally go for. When I wear these pants I feel like I’m in my pajamas at work, in the best way. Since the weather is finally cooling off (by that I mean it’s finally high 80s rather than in the 100s) I paired these pants with this lightweight sweater, and of course my hat! (Update: similar items linked below to shop!)

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  • Zebra Print


    I’m not usually huge on animal print, but a dress printed with animals? I’m all for it. I found this dress at a little boutique, and the little zebras sold me. It’s a great dress to wear through the Fall. Granted, it’s still 90s here in Texas, but the weatherman promised it will cool off. I love wearing dresses because they look like you put some effort into your outfit, but they’re so much simpler to style! You only have to pick out one piece rather than a top and bottom. Easy.

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  • Girl in the Hat

    The Girl in the Hat

    Hello, I’m so excited to share my first outfit post with you all! After planning, styling, photographing, and editing, I’m finally writing this post… here we go! I’ve always loved hats, I think they can make any look stand out. I have a problem though, I have a really small head, so it’s impossible to find cute (adult) hats that fit! This one is from Target, I picked up on a whim last week, (Target gets me every time) it almost  fits, and it’s quickly becoming my favorite fall accessory. Somehow it matches everything.

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  • Labor Day

    IMG_6878 (1)

    IMG_6879 (1)

    Hat: J.Crew Factory, Flannel: J. Crew Factory, Tee: LOFT (similar here), Sweatshirt: LOFT (similar here), Jacket: LOFT (similar here and here), Necklace: J.Crew Factory (similar here and here), Earrings: Kate Spade, Ring: Kate Spade

    Hat, Flannel, Tee (similar here), Pullover, (similar here), Jacket (similar here and here), Necklace (similar here and here), Earrings, Ring

    Labor day is a weekend full of BBQs, spending time with friends, and sales! I took part in a few of the above, but since this is a fashion post, let’s talk sales. I was waiting for a good weekend to shop and there aren’t many better times than Labor Day! Rather than wander around a dark mall all day while it was gorgeous out, I went to the outdoor mall where I got some sun inbetween stores. I love factory stores. I think my style is pretty classic, and because I don’t wear anything super trendy, the things I buy the are  from “last season” translate perfectly well into this season’s wardrobe. In addition to factory stores, there are tons of great sales going on everywhere because of the holiday, and most places are carrying fantastic fall pieces! NOW is the time to shop for Fall and Winter. I know, I know I just posted about how I’m not ready for the season switch yet, but with my new fedora, flannel, and booties, I’m starting to change my mind. Pretty soon you’ll see me using cliché words like “transitional.” For now, I’ll stare at my new pieces in my closet, at least until the temperature drops below 80.

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