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  • knit dress and lace-up flats

    Knit Dress and Lace-Up Flats

    I hope you all had a great weekend! I for one am sad its over. Onto a new week full of fun activities. I’m doing a few blog things that are a little new for me, so definitely keep up on insta-stories for more news! Today I’m rocking my knit dress found at Macy’s Backstage for under $15 (seriously if you haven’t checked them out DO IT), and my 12-year-old denim jacket. If you think I’m kidding, it’s from PacSun and the sleeves are always rolled up because they’re too short.

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  • Purple Pleated dress

    Purple Pleated Dress for Spring Weddings

    There is nothing quite like a gorgeous dress that makes you feel beautiful. This purple pleated dress is just that for me! When I saw it online I wasn’t sure where I was going to wear it, but I knew I needed the purple pleated dress. At first I was worried about it washing me out, but I actually think it compliments my paleness for the season. If you are still worried about the color, it does come in black! For under $40, I couldn’t have gotten a better deal!

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  • Thred-Up for Spring Dresses

    Since we recently booked a vacation, I’ve been trying to save a little more money and budget better. Having a blog, I need new outfits to shoot, not to mention the weather here in Texas goes up and down daily! I need to continuously update my wardrobe to shoot and keep up with the weather swings! I have a few go-to stores that I always shop at, but in my efforts to save money I’ve been looking around more for discounts! In the coming months I’ll need more dresses and nicer outfits for vacation, weddings, and different events coming up. I can’t even tell you how excited I was to find this dress on Thred-Up! They have a lot of second had items, but they also carry re-sale items that have never been worn, like this Alice & Olivia dress. It was so perfect, sitting there in my size like it was waiting for me!

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  • Macy's Backstage bikini ready

    Getting Bikini Ready with Macy’s Backstage

    This weekend was an absolute blast, I had the best time celebrating my birthday! Now that it’s over I have something else to look forward to: vacation! Recently, Kale and I booked a trip to Riviera Maya so we couldn’t be more excited! We are literally counting down the days! But, vacation means bikinis, while bikinis mean bikini body, which I so do not have now! I really need to get back in shape, so thank you to Macy’s Backstage for helping to inspire me with these super cute workout clothes!

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  • Pink Mesh Dress & 25th Birthday | Running in Heels

    Pink Mesh Dress for My 25th Birthday!

    Happy Friday! This is a special post because tomorrow is my 25th birthday. I started writing this post about the last year’s ups and downs. But then I realized that I really just want to focus on the things that I am looking forward to in year 25! Things like my goals  and accomplishments for work, and Running in Heels, and in life. And the less major things like brunch this weekend and this adorable pink mesh dress!

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  • The Perfect Sweater for Spring

    The Perfect Sweater for Spring

    It’s about 11pm and I’m just starting this post, so I think it’s going to be short and sweet. I really wanted to share this outfit because Nataly and I shot it almost 2 weeks ago and I have been living in this sweater for spring. I’m serious, I wear it every chance I get sometimes multiple days in a row if it’s clean. If you’ve been following me for a while you should know I love my grey tops (examples A, B, C, and D), but this one tops them all! It is soft, thin, comfortable, and goes with literally everything. Gotta love Nordstrom for perfect staples.

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