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    Training Update: Week #12

    Hi friends! I don’t have much of an update right now. I’m at a bit of a standstill with my training until I visit the doctor this week. I’m struggling with my knee pain and really need a solution before the marathon in a month! I’m hoping the doctor can help get me through this!

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    One for One


    I love companies that partner with charities and donate proceeds for specific products. When I first heard about Toms, I fell in love with their one for one concept. I love shopping, and since I am going to do it anyways, I am thrilled when my habit can actually help someone.

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    Finally Fall

    Finally Fally 7

    I’m finally watching the Project Runway finale as I write this, I know, I’m behind. Obviously I found out who won, WWW let it slip in my Bloglovin’ feed. I have watched just about all of the seasons. Somehow it never gets boring, the design process facinates me. Moving onto today’s post; I was so excited to see the weather drop below the 70s this week! It finally feels appropriate to break out all of my flannels and vests!  Flannel shirts are one of my favorite items to throw on pieces in the fall, because they go with everything, including my pup! Internet, meet my dog, Elie. She’s a little camera shy.

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    Training Update: Week # 11

    Hi everyone! I have had an insane week. After the half marathon I was so ready to keep training and considering how great I felt by Tuesday I was happy to get out and run again. Only, it never happened. I got home on Tuesday to a disaster with my dog, Elie and had to wrestle her to wrap up her paw and watch her while trying to clean up all night. The next morning I took her to the vet to have her paw cleaned and patched up, and they recommended surgery to get a couple of her nails removed. So of course, the paranoid puppy mom that I am wanted to stay with her all night. She was confused and sleepy from the drugs and kept running into things in her cone. It was pitiful, really. So again, no work out. Luckily I went back to my schedule on Thursday and didn’t lose too much time. (Elie is doing great by the way!

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    October Instagram Round Up

    Hello!  I know I’m extremely late with this post. I had every intention of creating it last weekend, but I was exhausted with the half marathon, and I completely forgot! I am really close to a lot of goals of mine, and I did a lot of work last month to get there. So here’s the month in review as told by my Instagram feed.

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    Pumpkin Bread

    pumpkin bread2

    pumpkin bread

    Last weekend I realized I hadn’t had much of my favorite seasonal snack! Pumpkin cake is my favorite fall treat, but I’ve been trying to stay away from sweets during my marathon training. It’s getting harder as we get closer to Halloween. So, I started to look for healthy pumpkin recipes and I was really pleased to see that I wasn’t the only one wanting a healthier alternative! I will never claim a recipe as my own, I’m a Pinterest baker. Even so, this was a fantastic recipe and I am probably going to make it again next weekend. The only thing I would do differently is refrigerate the leftovers so they last longer. Find the recipe here!

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    Stripes and Plaid

    Stripes and Plaid

    Happy Fall! Actually I’m still pretending, because it ended up being 75 degrees and I found myself wondering why I was wearing a wool scarf. However, this scarf was perfect for the office where it was nice and cool! This blanket scarf is sure to be a cozy necessity through the season and into the real fall weather! I love pairing different prints together, but subtly. I’m not into super bright colors or bold prints, but the stripes from my tee and the plaid on my scarf mesh together perfectly. After all, what is plaid but a series of stripes?

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    Training Update: Week #9

    mavs 5k

    What a week! Last week was so busy, and on top of that we had a ton of rain. Apparently everything is bigger in Texas, even the rainstorms! It all started on Thursday with dark clouds and thunder. It was also the night of the Mavs 5K, the last race in the Run Dallas Race Series. I thought for sure the race would be cancelled when they started ushering everyone into the American Airlines Center due to lightning. But, sure enough, fifteen minutes later we were lining up. Ready, set, cue the rain, go!

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