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    Training Update: Week #4

    6 miles down! I’m SO proud of my progress this week! I was consistent and stuck with my schedule, was much more aware of what I was eating, and drank more water. Now, my next step is altering my social life, just a little bit. Before this run I was out all day and up all night. Not exactly the ideal training situation.


    Nike Top (similar) | VSX Shorts (similar)| Mizuno Running Shoes


    This is a hard process. It’s a lifestyle change, and it won’t happen all at once. But mile by mile I get stronger, and day by day I make changes for the better. I’m not willing to completely give up my social life for this marathon. Although it would be so much more simple to get up and run if I didn’t do the occasional happy hour, or go out on the weekend. I’m sure my body would also appreciate a little less sugar. That’s not me, though. I will forever have a sweet tooth, places to go and people to see, and you better bet that I’ll be having seconds of everything on Thanksgiving, too (yes I am already excited about Thanksgiving!).

    Thanks for reading! xoxo Kasey

    Training Update Week #3

    This was the first week I really challenged myself to go further than I felt fully comfortable. So on Sunday I ran 4.25 miles and it felt great!

    It’s really nerve-wracking planning to go that extra mile and wondering whether you can. I am really comfortable in the 3 mile range, but this marathon is about challenging myself and pushing my limits. Running that extra mile gave me several important realizations, and although it’s nothing ground-breaking, in fact, most are reapeats from my last post, but the more I say it, the more I realize I won’t be able to  go too much further without putting these ideas into practice.

    1. Training- Although last week was better, I really noticed how hard I am going to be on my body in the coming weeks. Without this carefully laid out training program, I won’t make it, and I need to focus on the end goal rather than how much I would rather watch a movie or eat some Oreos. Bringing to my next point…
    2. Diet- This coming week is about diet and planning out my diet with my training plan. The good news is, the more I work out, the less I want sweets. They don’t know it yet, but I’m calling on a few friends and family members to help me with this.
    3. Bad Habits- this is where I need to really make adjustments in my lifestyle. I’m a night owl, fan of happy hours, and professional procrastinator. These are all things that will stand in my way of getting my mind and body ready for this marathon. It’s hard to look forward three months when my friends want to grab a drink tonight. Even if it’s a rest day, alcohol should really be cut out while I’m training, especially before long run days. Procrastination and staying up late go hand in hand for the most part. I just need to get up and go in the morning, after work, and with everything I have on my plate. No more procrastinating, I’ve got this.
    Week # 3 training update

    Thanks for reading!

    xoxo Kasey


    Week #2 Training Update/Race #2 in the Dallas Marathon Series

    Unlike most normal people, on the morning of Labor Day I woke up early. Earlier than I would have woken up to go to work, now that I think about it. If you know me, you know that I am 100% not a morning person. So, why did I wake up so early? To run. (I also don’t normally do that in the mornings.) But in this case, I made an exception, because it was the second race in the RunDallas Race Series. I made it to Globe Life Park, where the Texas Rangers play, and ran the coolest race I have run to date. It was great scenery as we ran right next to the Six Flags theme park, around the ball park, through the Hall of Fame and came out at the third base line. It. Was. Awesome.

    IMG_6485 IMG_6481

    Full outfit (old, but love these linked items) Tank, Shorts, and Sports Bra: Victoria’s Secret Sport, Shoes: Mizuno

    In other news, my training progress last week was anyting but. If anything, it showed me that I need to get serious about this marathon or I am never going to make it. My biggest issue is to actually follow my carefully laid out schedule, and remember that it is in place so that I won’t injure myself. Goals: follow the schedule, stop being lazy and run!

    xoxo Kasey

    Labor Day

    IMG_6878 (1)

    IMG_6879 (1)

    Hat: J.Crew Factory, Flannel: J. Crew Factory, Tee: LOFT (similar here), Sweatshirt: LOFT (similar here), Jacket: LOFT (similar here and here), Necklace: J.Crew Factory (similar here and here), Earrings: Kate Spade, Ring: Kate Spade

    Hat, Flannel, Tee (similar here), Pullover, (similar here), Jacket (similar here and here), Necklace (similar here and here), Earrings, Ring

    Labor day is a weekend full of BBQs, spending time with friends, and sales! I took part in a few of the above, but since this is a fashion post, let’s talk sales. I was waiting for a good weekend to shop and there aren’t many better times than Labor Day! Rather than wander around a dark mall all day while it was gorgeous out, I went to the outdoor mall where I got some sun inbetween stores. I love factory stores. I think my style is pretty classic, and because I don’t wear anything super trendy, the things I buy the are  from “last season” translate perfectly well into this season’s wardrobe. In addition to factory stores, there are tons of great sales going on everywhere because of the holiday, and most places are carrying fantastic fall pieces! NOW is the time to shop for Fall and Winter. I know, I know I just posted about how I’m not ready for the season switch yet, but with my new fedora, flannel, and booties, I’m starting to change my mind. Pretty soon you’ll see me using cliché words like “transitional.” For now, I’ll stare at my new pieces in my closet, at least until the temperature drops below 80.

    Until then, check out some of my favorite sales and stock up! There’s still time left!

    J.Crew Factory


    Kate Spade

    Banana Republic

    Nordstrom Rack

    Is Summer Really Ending?

    SUmmer Mint

    Time goes by so fast, so I’m trying not to make it go even faster. Fall doesn’t actually start for another few weeks, so even though it’s September now, I plan on making the rest of my summer days count!

    When you are young, Fall signifies back to school, seeing friends again, and getting back into a routine. This is the first year for me that there aren’t any major changes going into Fall. For the most part I see the same people day to day, I have the same work schedule- there’s not much that can change with a 9-5 job, and in Dallas, the weather doesn’t even change for at least another month. I mean, how different is 109, 99, and 89 degrees in the grand scheme of things?

    When I was younger and lived in the midwest, I loved those long summer days of playing outside or staying up all night with my friends, now that’s only the weekends, and it’s rough. I like sleep. But even as an adult I can’t say I want summer to go away just yet. Here are a few reasons why I am loving summer:

    Pool Days

    I admit I don’t take advantage of these as much as I should, but when you and all of your friends have pools, the question shouldn’t be if or when, but where?

    Summer Fridays

    At some companies there is such a thing as Summer Fridays where you can work from home, take a half day, or just take the day off. Even being in the office on Fridays in the summer isn’t so bad because everyone leaves early and your plate gets lighter because no one can walk up to you with a question or a project to distract you, so you are able to focus on your own work.


    Brunch is 100% better on a patio outdoors. End of story.


    I know not everyone shares my thoughts here, but to me, there is no better feeling than the sun on your skin. (Just don’t forget the sunscreen!) I love walking outside from a freezing air conditioned office or store and being hit in the face with bright, amazing sun and vitamin D, or laying by the pool with a book, even taking a walk with some friends, I’m not picky.

    The Clothes

    I would much rather be wearing wedges than stilettos! Plus I’m not a person to wear flats- I just don’t think they are comfortable, so I would much rather be in sandals or flip flops! Skirts, dresses, shorts, you name it, I’m not quite ready to put them away for the winter yet. Luckily, as I mentioned, I get summer a little longer in Texas than I used to have up north!

    I’ll be rooting for summer until it’s officially Fall later this month, and then we can talk about sweaters and pumpkins. For now, stay tuned for more of my favorite end of Summer looks!

    Training Update: Week #1

    It’s the end of my first week of training and I successfully ran twice, and cross trained 3 times with my two rest days included. Although I am supposed to run 3 times and cross train twice, I figured a little time in the gym was better than not working out at all. I’m also switching my rest day tomorrow to a run, so I won’t lose any mileage.

    Challenges that lie ahead:


    Aside from lent, I rarely restrict my food intake. I generally eat pretty healthy, but I also have a major sweet tooth. Moving forward, especially as I get to longer distance runs, I have to eat foods that will give me the right amount of energy.

    Running Pains

    Aches and pains are completely normal, but I think I need to get more used to the soreness, and understanding what’s a normal ache and what could turn into something more.


    I am a list maker. I love making lists, but I also don’t mind re-arranging things. This. Must. Stop. I can’t start moving my 3 mile runs around now, because when it comes time to run 10 miles or 15 or 20, who knows what will happen. I do not want to go into this race unprepared, so scheduling and sticking to it will be key.

    If you have any tips on the above, or training thoughts, comment below!


    Shoes: Mizuno

    Marathon Training

    Today is the day! I started training for the Dallas Marathon. I have a sixteen-week training program set up to build endurance, strength and prepare myself to run 26.2 miles (if there is such a thing). I have been strengthening and working out normally over the last few months so I wouldn’t be completely out of shape when this day came, but still I’m nervous! I looked up many different training programs, and couldn’t seem to find any that I felt super comfortable with, so I modified a couple that seemed to work with my schedule and preferences, and ended up with this:
    3 days: Run, two medium/short runs incorporating different speed trials, and one long run a week
    2 days: Cross Train, most likely on the stationary bike, but who knows I’ll probably mix it up
    2 days: Rest/Stretch/Walk

    Full Outfit (old, but love these) Headband, Top, and Shorts: Victoria’s Secret Sport

    I have a few shorter races before the big day in December to get myself in the competitive spirit incorporated into my plan. Most of the races are in the RunDallas Race Series. I chose to complete the series because it’s another challenge (as if the full marathon wasn’t enough on it’s own). It’s also a little extra motivation and it shortens the time to the final race with smaller goals to work towards first. The first race in the series was the FC Dallas Footy 5k in July which I completed in under 30 minutes (see exhaustion mixed with relief when the race was completed, below). This upcoming race is also a 5k and I hope to beat my time from the first race.
    Why am I telling you this? I want you to hold me accountable! I can’t pretend like I never signed up if everyone in cyberspace knows I did. So help me out, cheer me on, and most of all, wish me luck!

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    Habitat for Humanity

    I have wanted to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity for a long time now, but there’s always an excuse not to do it. I finally signed up and decided to go for it last weekend, so I got up at 5:30am and went to build a house. It was such a fantastic experence! I helped to install windows, prep the house for brick, and destroy some concrete (aka taking out my frustrations on cement with a hammer). One of the best parts of this experience was meeting the homeowner. She told us about her 3 kids, and was just as active on the site as the volunteers.


    I helped install the windows behind me!  Those tools weren’t just for the photo, I actually used them… Yes, they let me use power tools! (Please note the lovely duct tape name tag.)IMG_6366

    Here is the lovely homeowner and I in front of her house!

    Sign up for Habitat for Humanity Dallas here, I’ll see you at the site!

    Hanging with the ‘Zonans

     IMG_6168 IMG_6164 IMG_6163 IMG_6162


    I have travelled all over the world, but until I moved to Dallas, the farthest west I had ever been in the US was Chicago. A few weeks ago I took a trip to Phoenix with a girl friend. Phoenix? In the middle of July?! (Said everyone.) It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. There were cacti in the medians on the road, and driving down the highway there’s mountains in every direction. It was beautiful, especially when we decided to go hiking. Stopping only for a water break and take a few scenery snaps, our couple-mile hike was great. Of course I had to snap a photo with my Lokai bracelet… how could I not? I absolutely love what it stands for, and hiking up a mountain it couldn’t have been more relevant. “Stay humble, stay hopeful.” At this point in my life, I love having that reminder on my wrist every day.