Top 10 Questions for Fashion Bloggers

There are a lot of questions for fashion bloggers out there. We get a lot of inquiries about what we do because they don’t quite get it. There are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions made, so I wanted to put all of the answers in one place. So, for the first post in my Blogging Series, I’m answering the top 10 questions for fashion bloggers that my friends and I get!

Top 10 Questions for Fashion Bloggers: Answered

  1. Why do you blog? – Submitted by Nataly
    This is one of those questions for fashion bloggers that is different for everybody. I have always loved the idea of blogging and actually started two blogs that never got off the ground prior to Running in Heels. I started this blog under a different name to chronicle my training for my first marathon. By posting about my progress, I was held accountable and I actually grew a great online support system. After the marathon I realized that I was not cut out to have a fitness blog, so in March, I changed the name and re-branded everything, deciding to focus on fashion and style. When I left the fashion industry I really needed a creative outlet, and felt like Running in Heels was the place for me to  focus my creative energy.
  2. Does someone follow you around with a camera?
    Ha! You have no idea how many people think this. To be completely honest, I thought that before I started and realized how impossible it would be to take photos, edit them, and write a blog all before work! So no, no one follows me around with a camera. I work with my blogger bestie Nataly, and we take each other’s photos on weekends.
  3. Can you just post photos of cute outfits and be done?
    No, you can’t. The major bloggers who do this have been at it for years. They are the original bloggers of the industry, and honestly, I’m not sure how that works with Google. For my blog, I write a minimum of 300 words for each post, 1) because I enjoy writing and I feel like my photos are better when accompanied by a personality behind the person in the photos. 2) It helps with SEO and your Google search ranking. If you aren’t writing anything or using specific words you want to show up for, Google won’t know where to put you. So, if you’re on the third page and no one is clicking on your link, and you aren’t doing anything to show Google that you should be ranked higher, you’ll stay on the third page.
  4. What kind of camera do you use? – Submitted by Katie
    To be honest, my camera is about 8 years old. It’s a Canon Rebel XS, which I don’t even think they make it anymore! However, I believe it’s less about the camera and more about the lens you use. I use a 50mm which I’ve been told is more like a 35mm on my camera.
  5. Where do you get your clothes?
    I want Running in Heels as real as possible, so I actually purchase and wear most pieces on my blog in real life. Anything gifted or sponsored are pieces I genuinely like and wear in real life. My favorite stores to shop at are NordstromUrban Outfitters for clothes and apartment, J.Crew and J.Crew FactoryExpressAsosKate Spade for fun accessories, and Sephora for my make-up.
  6. How do you get your following? – Submitted by Jenna
    This question has a lot of answers which I promise to cover in other posts! When you’re just starting out, my best advice would be to tell literally everyone. If your friends don’t support you how can you expect other people to? I find it’s easier to gain a following once you already have some people; a crowd draws a crowd.
    Go to every event you can find, have business cards printed and hand them out. Nataly and I met at one of my first events and we’ve been friends ever since, now every time I go out, I make new friends and gain new followers! It’s so easy to pull out your phone and ask for someone’s Instagram account, follow them then they will follow you back right then and there.
  7. How do you get brand partnerships?
    When I re-branded to Running in Heels, I joined a few influencers networks like Brand Backer and Influenster. They work with even the smallest bloggers and help you to get experience working with brands before you start reaching out to them on your own At some point brands started reaching out to me, and now I get to pick who I work with. I’ve also been recently reaching out to companies, which is newer for me, but much preferred because that way I am absolutely certain I love the product and feel great about recommending it to my readers.
  8. Do you blog full-time?
    LOL. I get this question a ton, probably because it seems like I’m always blogging, but a lot of my posts and even social media is planned ahead of time, so I don’t have to post in real-time. I have a full-time job as a Social Media Manager/Team Leader at a small agency. A lot of my skills are transferable and I get to do what I love all day long while helping small businesses! I love my job and often work more than 40hrs a week.
  9. How do you find the time to blog and work full-time?
    This one is tough, but when I started blogging again, I wanted it was real this time. I decided that I was going to invest in my site and I had to make sure it was would be worth it. All I did was build blogging into my schedule, so now it’s a habit. A lot of people will tell you to wake up early and get things done in the morning, but since I’m a night owl, I say just figure out when you’re most creative and plan to do a little each day. Set deadlines, and make a calendar so you know what you need to do.
  10. Do you make money? /How do you make money? – Submitted by Chloe and Mary
    This is one of the most asked questions for fashion bloggers. The short answer is, yes. I use affiliate links, which means when you buy something from my links I get commission. There is no effect on the price or purchase process for you whatsoever! I’ve also worked with brands for payment. I charge for different types of posts and have several different packages to choose from. Granted, back to #8, it’s not enough to make it my full-time job!

I hope that cleared some of your questions for fashion bloggers. If you have more, let me know in the comments below or shoot an email to! If you are a fashion blogger, what questions do you most commonly hear?

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    Great post Kasey! I love learning more about what/how you blog! xo, Nataly

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    Great post, Kasey! Such great answers to these blog questions. Thanks for the shout out 😉

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  • Reply Stephanie

    These are definitely the questions I get asked the most. Especially about how I make money and how I grow a following – and who takes my photos haha! Wow, I guess they’re all pretty generic for us all, aren’t they? You answered these wonderfully!

    Stephanie //

    January 20, 2017 at 10:33 pm
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    Super awesome post! Thanks for sharing! I would be interested to learn more about applying with Rewards Style or Liketoknowit. When is a good time to submit an application?

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      Great post idea! I’ll definitely cover it. My quick answer would be when you feel like you can post consistently and you have pieces that you can link.

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    These are great questions! I always love reading these types of posts!


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    I’m seriously impressed that you write at least 300 words per post!! I can’t remember the last time I wrote that long of a post… Guess I really should start being better about that- huh? Great Q&A! Love your answers and honesty!

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