Waxed Denim for a Night Out

Gone are the days of skimpy bandage dresses and tube skirts I would wear in college. I’ve moved on and grown out of them (some literally). I’m not sure if they shrunk or I just became less comfortable in them, but either way I lean towards different pieces for going out in adulthood. First of all, the tight-fitting tube dresses and skirts are not made for my body type. I was always more self-conscious in them, and pulling them up or down is not how I want to spend my night.  So, nowadays I opt for my preferred outfit in an edgier style: waxed denim and a pop of color.

I found this top at the FIG Finale last year and wear it often (since this is a sample I have linked similar items). I love the cutouts that make the tee different and I haven’t found anything else like it. I don’t actually own any leather pants or leggings, but I am obsessed with these waxed denim pants. I am always cold, so I usually opt for pants over a dress or skirt anyways. Finally, I chose a gold clutch and a pop of pink! I think that even if you keep your outfit simple you should always add a pop of color or fun element in there somewhere!

waxed denim

waxed denim

waxed denim  waxed denim
waxed denim

xoxo Kasey

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