The Tourist’s Guide to New York City: What To Do in NYC

What to do in NYC

Last week, I met my family in NYC for a vacation. I have always loved and romanticized NYC, because it is such an amazing city. It’s fashionable, busy, there are always people around, and there is always something to do! We were running around and moving from place to place nonstop. Our days were packed full of tours, shows, and amazing food! This post will not be your New Yorker’s guide to NYC, it is a complete tourist guide of what to do in NYC!

This is the first post in my NYC series (check out my Mexico series here). Be on the lookout for a few more, and let me know if there’s something else you’d like to see in these travel posts! This will very likely be the longest post, because it is my what to do post. Like I said, we were busy every second, so this post is packed full!

What To Do in NYC- Tours

Architecture Boat Tour Around Manhattan– I found this tour on my friend Chloe’s blog. This was the first tour we did and it was actually my favorite one that we went on! The tour was on a really cool 1920s style yacht, and it was a fairly small group. We recieved a complimentary drink with our ticket, which was great to sit down and sip champagne after a long trip of walking from Times Square to Chelsea Pier (and then back afterwards).

What to do in NYC!

What to do in NYC

What to do in NYC

What to do in NYC

Greenwich Walking Tour– On our Greenwich walking tour we saw really cool, artsy places in Greenwich like the theater where Rocky Horrer Picture Show originated, Rachel and Monica’s apartment from Friends (or the window), and the Stonewall Inn, which is widely known for the Stonewall riots which helped jumpstart the modern fight for LGBT rights.

What to do in NYC

What to do in NYC

What to do in NYC

Yankee Stadium Tour– This was such a fun tour! While we aren’t Yankees fans, the stadium tour was really cool! We saw the museum and monumnet park displaying all of the retired numbers, and of course the field. We planned this for Father’s Day and my dad absolutely loved it!

What to do in NYC

What to do in NYC

What To Do in NYC

What To Do in NYC- Shows

Phantom of the Opera– A classic, and absolutely amazing! We went to this show our first day in NYC and it was a great start to our trip! We had seen it before when it traveled to Cleveland, but I could watch it over and over!

ABT Swan Lake– This was my favorite. I used to be a ballet dancer for about 16 years growing up, and Swan Lake is a classic. We saw that Misty Copeland was going to be starring specific days, so my mom actually planned our trip around seeing her! I would see this ballet every weekend, it was absolutely amazing, and it is the top of my recommendation list whether you are a ballet fan or not!

School of Rock– This was our last minute decision show. We didn’t have anything planned for our last day, but decided to lok around since we love seeing shows so much! The musical mimics the movie almost exaclty and the kids actually play their instruments on stage! It was such a great show, I highly recommend it!

We also saw Kevin Spacey’s one man show, but it was only a 2 day event. It was a really different type of play, and I really enjoyed it! I had no idea what to expect, but it was very interesting.

What to do in NYC

What to do in NYC

This guide is definitely for the people who like structure! Next week I’ll have the post for those of you who prefer to wander! Sign up for my email list to know when I post!

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  • Reply Ashley Hargrove

    This looks like such a fun trip! I love all of your photos and your cute outfits!!

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    You looked so cute!! Love NYC!!!

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    You sounds like a blast to travel with! What a great guide!

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    First off, love your one-shoulder top! So cute! I love NYC but never made it to Greenwich village. I’d love to do that tour!

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    Cute outfit, I so miss New York!


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    Looks like you had a great time here! Your outfits are adorable!

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    Such a great guide!!! love your images

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    I’m planning a NYC trip myself and the boat tours is totally on the top of my list! I”m so glad I read this post!

    xo, Sara

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    I have never been to NYC before but I am *dying* to go! Love these photos and your cute one shoulder top!

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    Love your striped top! Also all the spotlights of your trip sound amazing!

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    NYC is at the top of my travel bucket list!! Such a fun guide!!

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    Kasey this is such a great roundup!! Thank you for putting it this together. And I love all your looks! Xoxo friend!

    June 28, 2017 at 8:02 pm
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    Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Your outfits are too cute!

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    This is such a great guide– I LOVE NYC!

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    You are adorable! Thank you for a great roundup!

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    Great NYC guide!! Looks and sounds like you had a blast!

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    YAY!! Love love love love this! So glad you had such a good time! Looks like everything you did was perfect!

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