10 Casual Trench Coat Outfits

Red Trench Coat

Trench coats are a staple wardrobe item and can make almost any look stylish and timeless. Often seen in the springtime and associated with rain, trench coats provide good coverage and protection for the clothing underneath. Trench coats are typically worn with casual outfits, but can be dressed up a bit depending on the style or situation. While the trench coat itself is timeless, many styles of the trench go in and out with the trends. Take into account length, material, and color. Below you’ll see a few variations of trench coats from red mid-thigh to a gorgeous eyelet design long linen one I recently picked up. I’m sharing some inspiration for several casual trench coat outfit ideas.

History of a Trench Coat

Like many fashion items today, trench coats were created for functional purposes about 100 years before WWI. Initially waterproof, the “mack”, developed by Charles Mackintosh was made from wool and coated in lanolin, or wool wax, before being woven into the fabric (Wikipedia). This material was great for keeping rain out, but was not breathable and quickly developed a pungent smell, and occasionally melted in the sun (Smithsonian Magazine).

In the mid-19th century, John Emary of Aquascutum patented a better, more breathable waterproof fabric. Following Emary, Burberry created gabardine fabric using the original Mackintosh design of coating each strand before weaving for a breathable and waterproof design. The khaki color we see today was developed as army uniforms began to change with the style of fighting. Uniforms became more neutral and blended into the environment vs the bright colors necessary for identification through smoke in close-range battles (Smithsonian Magazine).

The trench coats we know today were recognized as outfits of officers in the British Army in WWI, so named for the literal trenches in which they were worn. While never a standard issue, officers could procure some of their own clothing items, and the trench coat became somewhat of a status symbol (Vogue Paris). Each part of the coat was functional, down to the straps that bucked at the wrist to prevent water from dripping down the sleeve when using binoculars in the rain.

In the 1940s Hollywood brought the trenchcoat to the big screen and it became a glamourized piece of fashion. Trench coats were worn in some of the most iconic films including Humphry Bogart in Casablanca and my personal favorite, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Vogue Paris).

Today, trench coats have been redone by many different designers, while remaining a staple of the reinventors at Burberry. It is shown year after year taking on different materials, lengths, and ornamentation while taking on different trends. The coat itself remains a classic piece.

10 Casual Trench Coat Outfits

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 1: Bring out Some Color

Again, let’s ignore the shoes here. I pulled this outfit from an older post about a new job and this gorgeous red trench coat. Sadly I don’t have it anymore but I really wanted to give it another moment. This red coat is gorgeous and perfect paired with dark jeans. It would also be great with a pretty white dress, brown pants, or lighter jeans. Swap out the shoes for a white leather sneaker or loafer for a more casual option.

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 2: Casual Maxi Dress

In my opinion, a cotton maxi dress is super casual. I did pair it with cute mules here, but I also wore this dress with sneakers in Italy. It would look great with flat sandals too! This trench coat has gorgeous eyelet detail but provides little protection from the elements, being linen. It’s more of a fashion-over-function piece, but it pulls together an otherwise boring dress into an outfit. My coat is unfortunately no longer available, but I added some options that have a similar style below to complete your casual trench coat outfits.

Trench coat with Casual Maxi Dress

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 3: Cropped Trench with Wide Leg Jeans

I have been loving the casual cropped trench coat outfits but wasn’t sure how long they would stay in style. Instead of grabbing a more expensive, good-quality one, I grabbed this trendy style from Amazon. This style looks great with these high-waisted jeans. I paired them with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look to run errands.

Cropped Trench with Wide Leg Jeans

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 4: Trench Coat With Adidas

Sometimes the trench coat is the casual outfit. It was a dreary grey day when I took these photos so I loved how the coat was the focal point of this look. It doesn’t even matter what is underneath because the coat is the star of the show. Paired with casual Adidas Superstars and a vintage Coach bag, this outfit is still one of my favorites.

Trench Coat With Adidas

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 5: White Jeans and Loafers

For me, this casual trench coat outfit would be an office look. The coat provides some coverage for the A/C, but it won’t be too warm outside in the spring and summer. The loafers are a great way to keep footwear casual but nice looking, and above all, comfortable!

eyelet trench coat

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 6: Duster Trench Coat with a T-shirt and Jeans

I debated whether to put this outfit in here. First because these are quite old photos, and second because I was not 100% sure you would consider this a trench coat. Though it doesn’t have the traditional lapels and buttons, it does have storm flaps on the shoulders and a cape on the back. These features were initially included in traditional design for water to drip off and provide some ventilation. On this garment, they are more for style in this version as it is definitely not waterproof. This duster is a great addition to a simple outfit giving class and style to an otherwise simple look. I originally styled this look this with heel sandals. For casual trench coat outfits, loafers, flat mules, or sneakers would be best.

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 7: Sleeveless Trench

I grabbed this sleeveless trench right before COVID-19 in 2020 so I never got to wear it to the office. I love the style, though, and think it adds a cool edgy look to an all-black outfit. You could also flip the colors and do a black trench with green underneath!

Sleeveless Trench

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 8: Airport Outfit

The ultimate casual look, my go-to airport outfit. I opt for a comfy leggings and sweatshirt combo on flights where I’m not immediately heading out or to work upon arrival. I like to wear the coat I want to bring to avoid overpacking or carrying too many items. This is a cute way to look presentable and stay comfy in the airport and on the plane. However, if I get sick of wearing it, I can easily pop it into my tote!

Airport Outfit idea

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 9: Summer Style with Shorts and a Tank

Some people may disagree, but I love shorts under a trench coat. A lighter coat, worn open is perfect for this style. This linen coat should work all spring and summer, and I think it adds a nice element of detail to a simple shorts and tank look. Replicate this look with denim shorts for a more dressed-down approach a la Lorelei Gilmore on Rory’s first day at Chilton.

Casual Trench Coat Outfits

Casual Trench Coat Outfit 10: Business Casual

Most people would probably not consider these stiletto booties casual but hear me out a second. This was a casual Friday outfit at work. I usually didn’t wear jeans and the trench coat and heels made this business casual look pulled together, For a more dressed down option, try flat booties or slides.

Grey Asos Trench Coat

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