2016 So Far…


Happy February! There are so many things I love about February, it’s a short month, there’s love in the air, and my favorite part is, it’s my birthday month

January wasn’t a fantastic start to my fitness and lifestyle goals, so I’m starting over. I’m going to continue these 30 Day Challenges and pick it up where I left of (about day 10) because I seriously dropped that ball. Plus I’m working on a new half marathon training plan to share with you for my next race!

This month I’m also going to work on a better mindset because I’ve been pretty grumpy lately and that’s partly why you haven’t heard from me often. My mood is a huge factor in why I decided to pick up yoga again, because half of the practice is a mindset. I love how one class can completely relax me and take my mind off of almost everything else. My goal is to bring the practice into my everyday life and not let external factors affect my mood as much.

Finally, I’m really excited to tell you about my trip to St. Paul Minnesota this past weekend, so keep an eye out for some fun pictures and the best s’more dip you’ve ever had!

Xoxo Kasey

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