2018 Fall Trends I’m NOT Wearing

2018 Fall Trends I'm Not Wearing | Running In Heels

I have never claimed to be super trendy, and was determined to create this blog based on my own style. Somewhere along the way I fell victim to being influenced by all of the bloggers and influencers that I follow, and ended up looking just like them. I’m going back to my roots and my personal style. That doesn’t mean I won’t jump on board with some of the latest trends, but I was never one to want something just because everyone else had it. In fact, it was usually the opposite!

Take this cardigan for example, I bet you $100 you could head to the explore page or your own Instagram feed and find at least 3 people wearing it right now. Of course I don’t blame them, it’s a cute cardigan, but why would I show you the same one?Without further explanation, I’m sharing the top 2018 fall trends I’m not wearing this fall.

2018 Fall Trends I’m NOT Wearing

NOTE: I never judge anyone for wearing the following trends and think they look good on others, they are just not my preference!


This is my least favorite trend! I have never liked camo, and think it should be specifically reserved for practical uses. For some reason, it bothers me less in lounge clothing, specifically sweatshirts, but I really don’t like when people dress it up. I also think that these should be burned. Say NO to cargo pants in any print!

Leopard / Cheetah:

This one I’m on the fence about because I do like it in small doses. I actually have cheetah booties and really enjoy styling them! However, you will not find me wearing a full printed dress, sweater, pants, etc. Small doses/accessories are good, full clothing items, are not for me.

Kitten Heels:

I want to say don’t get me started, but that’s why I’m writing this post right? To get my feelings on these trends out there. So I’m starting. WHY DO THESE STILL EXIST! Choose, people. Heels or flats. Kitten heels are just awkward and make your feet hurt without adding any height or making your legs and butt look good.

80s Colors, Specifically Mustard:

This is more of a can’t than a won’t. I love this color on others, but I am just not a yellow person. It washes me out, so I usually try to avoid it all together.

Super Long Cardigans:

Look guys, I’ll get to the point. I’m very clumsy and would probably trip over a cardigan that went past my knees. I wrote a post a while ago about how I don’t like maxi dresses, and long cardigans give me a similar feeling. I also have distinct memories of wearing them to elementary school and I just can’t jump back on that train.

Dad Sneakers:

WHYYY. I would have never thought those were considered a trend, let alone come back in high fashion (of the almost $900 Balenciaga variety). I prefer a slimmer trend, or the classics like Converse All Stars or Adidas Originals which never go out of style!

At the end of the day, I love a classic easy style an my go-to outfit on any day includes jeans and a black top. I love neutral colors and am not quick to jump on trends, if I do at all! This post was more for me than you, the readers. I wanted to create some guidelines and remind myself to stay in my own lane. There is so much influence and comparison on social media (where I spend the majority of my day). When I’m supposed to be the influencer, I don’t want to get my inspiration from my peers, and need to look outside of Instagram and back to my personal style and why I started this blog in the first place! So here’s a look at my classic style in a grey sweater and jeans.

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2018 Fall Trends I'm NOT Wearing | blonde sits on bridge in Dallas wearing a grey 3/4 sleeve sweater from Express, blue jeans by DL1961, and DIFF sunglasses. She carries her pink Alexander Wang baby Rockie bag and gold coin baublebar necklace.
2018 Fall Trends I'm NOT Wearing
Fall Trends I'm Not Wearing
2018 Fall Trends I'm NOT Wearing | blonde sits on bridge in Dallas wearing a grey 3/4 sleeve sweater from Express, blue jeans by DL1961, silver flats called Emmaline by Naturalizer, and DIFF sunglasses. She sits next to her pink Alexander Wang baby Rockie bag.

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  1. Tara wrote:

    Love love love x a million this post. This exact thought has been in my head for a while now and I have so much respect that you said it. I’m totally on board with not wearing many of those trends – particularly the dad sneakers.. just can’t. Bravo!

    Posted 9.26.18 Reply
  2. Katie Ann wrote:

    I feel the same about leopard! I always buy it thinking I’ll like it and then end up returning lol I do love my leopard loafers though…..

    Katie Ann

    Posted 9.29.18 Reply
    • Yes I always pick them up in the store and then realize I would never wear it haha

      Posted 10.1.18 Reply
  3. Cute outfit, I like your sweater 🙂


    Posted 10.11.18 Reply