24 Thoughts for 24 Years

Hi Everyone!

It’s my 24 th birthday (and I’m obviously not shy about sharing that fact), but just as cool is its National Drink Wine Day. What a perfect coincidence!

For this post I want to reflect on the last year and all I have learned and accomplished. So, here’s a list of my 24 favorite moments and accomplishments!

  1. I traveled so much more this year! I love seeing new places and doing new things, but don’t often take the time and money to go, so even a couple new places is a huge feat for me!
  2. I moved into my new apartment. I have never lived by myself before and to take the leap and live by myself for the first time was huge for me.
  3. In this leap, I discovered my love of interior decorating.
  4. I actually reused what I had and DIY’d many pieces in my apartment. My Pinterest was never more active than when I was decorating.
  5. I managed to live halfway across the country from my parents somewhat successfully.
  6. I ran my second half marathon!
  7. I ran my first full marathon!
  8. I played tennis again! That hasn’t happened since high school, but I was so excited to find a tennis meet up that I could join and play with.
  9. I was way more active. Going along with #6-8, I maintained my fitness throughout the year much better than I have in the past.
  10. I met a fantastic guy 🙂
  11. I made a ton of new friends (many through said guy).
  12. I have still not missed a Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family.
  13. I have also managed to successfully tag along on vacations as well!
  14. I remain in touch with my best friends from childhood. Almost nothing matters more than the people who have been there for you your entire life. Why let a few states get in the way?
  15. I managed to talk to my parents more now than I did when I lived with them. We’re close.
  16. I kept another being alive for a year-my dog, Elie! It was her first gotcha day in July, and we had a fantastic first year together.
  17. I did so well with the above, I decided I needed another one.
  18.  Money management: I got my first credit card with a large credit limit, which was incredibly daunting at the time. I’m happy to announce that I have managed it responsibly, if I do day so myself!
  19. I decided on a career path. Weirdly enough, I circled back to my college major and decided to focus a career in Marketing.
  20. I read more. On planes, by the pool, I am thrilled to realize that I have read many more books this year than possible in the last four combined.
  21. I started this blog!
  22. Not only did I start this blog, I am consistently posting and fully committed to it, which was my biggest problem in the past.
  23. I got over my fear of going places alone.
  24. I continued to follow my dreams of this blog and business.

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