30 Day Challenge

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but although I was dreading going back to work, I was definitely ready to get back into a routine. That includes a new workout routine. Now that I don’t have a marathon to train for I need a new challenge that will force me to be active and fit (aside from my dogs). I realized that my body was a bit unbalanced since I focused most of my marathon training on running and biking (with a little bit of tennis), I didn’t do much for my arms or abs. So my challenge was easy, find a couple arms and abs workouts that will be easy for me to work in and not hate to do. Naturally I turned to Pinterest and found some great 30 day challenges that I plan to implement. Day 1, check! By the way, this is NOT my New Year’s Resolution, I am fundamentally against them. If you want to do something, do it, if you want to change something, change it. No procrastinating, and no excuses!


Below I have linked a cute outfit for more workout inspiration!




xoxo Kasey

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