5 Hosting Tips for the Best Friends Holiday Party

Hosting Tips for the Best Friends Holiday Party, try serving up a Hillshire Farm snacking platter for quick and easy party snacks. Feature by top US fashion and lifestyle blogger Running in Heels
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The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones, both family and friends, but who hosts the party? Growing up, my family hosted a holiday party each year and it’s become a wonderful tradition. I’ve picked up quite a few party-prep tips over the years—so in this post, I’m sharing how to host the best friends’ holiday party!

How to Host a Friends’ Holiday Party

Grab Quick and Easy Snacks

The first thing you’ll want to do is grab snacks. No party is complete without them! Hillshire® Snacking Genoa Salame & Prosciutto Social Platter in the Deli section of Tom Thumb is perfect for hosting gatherings at your place. Creating a good charcuterie board is hard, so I let the pros do it; pick one up, use the flip-and-serve tray, then invite over my friends!

Unless you promised a dinner party, don’t worry about cooking a full meal for your guests. With the Hillshire® Snacking Social Platter, you can avoid the party faux-pas of cooking after your guests arrive…or at all!

Find a Tom Thumb near you to grab a Hillshire® Snacking Social Platter!

Know What Wines Go With Your Snacks

Another thing parties are not complete without are drinks! Do your research and know what wines go with the food you’re serving. Lucky for you, I did all of the research on what goes with the Hillshire® Snacking Genoa Salame & Prosciutto Social Platter.

The most suggested wine was overwhelmingly, bubbles! Cava, white or rosé, is Spanish sparkling wine. I also like to have a red and white on hand (as well as a stocked bar cart) to at least try to please all of my guests. Through my research and recommendations of the wine guy at the store, Chianti is a great red for charcuterie since it has high acidity. Verdicchio is a good white to pair with the Hillshire® Snacking Genoa Salame & Prosciutto Social Platter because it is fruity and dry. However, I’d just check out the Tom Thumb mobile app to see what coupons are available. You may be able to grab the ingredients for a great punch

You’ll also want non-alcoholic options for adults who aren’t drinking, any kids in attendance, or as drink mix-ins. Check the Tom Thumb mobile app to find the best deals and make your grocery list!

Accept That the Party Will be Small

You guys know I have a small apartment (see how I decorate it for fall and Christmas!) A small space means a small party. Frankly, I don’t want a ton of people in my apartment. It would freak out the dogs, be way too hot, and it would be uncomfortable. I keep the guest list to a minimum and get creative with seating when the number of guests exceeds the number of seats we have! I think you can definitely push the limit of your guest list, however, just make sure that everyone will be comfortable.

Keep it Cool

The more guests you have in a small apartment, the warmer the temperature is going to get! Be sure to turn the temps down or keep windows opened accordingly!

Enjoy Yourself

As a host, you need to enjoy the party! It’s always uncomfortable watching a host run around flustered all night. Just enjoy the evening, roll with the punches, and go with the flow! Don’t worry about dishes, cleaning, or anything you can’t control. Do your best to live in the moment and enjoy your guests. The best part about using the Hillshire® Snacking Social Platter is that it comes in its own serving platter and container for easy cleanup later!

Give a Party Favor

Holiday parties are so much fun. It gives you the chance to celebrate with your best friends and step back from the craziness that is life and the holiday season. Thank them for taking a step away with you by providing a small favor. At my parents’ Christmas Party each year, my mom sends everyone home with her homemade candy bars. You could do ornaments or cookies as well. It doesn’t really matter what the favor is, just that you give one! 

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