Top Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear This Season

Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear featured by top Dallas fashion blog, Running in Heels
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Jewelry trends are ever changing, but I have some favorites that I keep in my rotation seasonally. We can defer to the catwalks, but for realistic styles and trends, I like to look at influencers, my friends, and focus most on what I’m most comfortable in. I generally prefer smaller, dainty styles, but occasionally love a fun colorful or bold statement option. From dainty styles to fun trends, I am rounding up the top spring jewelry trends for spring 2024!

5 Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear

Dainty Earrings

It’s all over Pinterest, or at least my Pinterest, dainty earrings and lots of them! I’m getting new ear piercings this week, so I am all about the gold dainty earrings right now. I can’t get enough of the fun combinations! These pieces from AU-rate are so perfect for a chic dainty look!


Earrings, headbands, necklaces, oh my! Pearl accessories are all over this Spring season! I can’t get enough of the fun combinations. Pearls are no longer your mom’s accessory, or only for the rich. They are accessible and chic in many different forms. I love my clips, headband, earrings, necklaces, and more! Pearls go well with the preppy or old money aesthetic, so can be incorporated to many different looks! The most classic piece is the pearl necklace, wear it with dresses or button downs for a classy look.

Check out my friend’s gorgeous pearl business! The necklace I’m wearing in the last photo below at my bridal shower is from Juji Jewelry!

Large Hoops

You know what they say, the bigger the hoops… OK frankly, I can’t handle big earrings most of the time, but I have been expanding my collection of hoops! I just picked up these fun ones from Accessory Junkie!

Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear featured by top Dallas fashion blog, Running in Heels: large hoops


No matter how you wear it, asymmetry is a big trend right now. On the runways it was shown as one large earring and nothing on the other side, I prefer similar size earrings, but different on each side, or more in the piercing location.

I also love asymmetry in bracelet stacks. I wear tons up one arm and then nothing on the other. For me, it’s part function over fashion because I don’t wear any on my right arm in order to use my mouse at my computer and write.

Shop AU-rate for single gold earrings!

Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear featured by top Dallas fashion blog, Running in Heels: assymetic jewelry


With spring and summer in full swing, shells are making a comeback in a big way this year! I loved seeing shells all over in jewelry last summer, so it’s a great comeback. I also have it showing up in my home decor this spring! I picked up a bunch of shells on vacation last year with the intention of including them this year.

Beads and Friendship Bracelets

As Taylor says, “Make the friendship bracelets”! With the Eras tour still in full swing, friendship bracelets are super on trend now, even if you aren’t a Swifty! Don’t worry these do not require a DIY, you can buy brands like Little Words Project or BaubleBar!

Easy summer style featured by top US fashion blog, Running in Heels: image of a woman wearing a black tank top and denim shorts.

Two-Toned Styles

My favorite bracelets are both gold and silver. I love the ability to mix and match so I can wear them with anything. I don’t usually stick with just one metal tone, so these are perfect for me. It’s great to have the flexibility to add and remove any metals I want!

Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear featured by top Dallas fashion blog, Running in Heels: assymetic jewelry

Layered Necklaces

I have loved layering dainty necklaces for years. The photo of Kale and I with Gelato is from just recently, and the one on the right is from years ago. Different necklaces, same style! Nowadays I layer a paperclip chain with a small initial necklace, while I used to opt for a longer coin necklace with a dainty chain with tiny charms. I still have these and mix them in now and again too!


I love a pretty necklace and picked the one below up on the same day I wore it in this photo while in Connecticut for a wedding. I love a dainty choker necklace they are so pretty and bring attention to your face and collarbone areas. This is another two-toned style I love with silver and gold beads. I also have a pretty pearl one by Juji Jewelry shown above!

Bold Cuffs

I used to wear statement jewelry much more than I do now, but I still love a big statement cuff bracelet! You can make a bold statement with a cool cuff and bring a unique look to any outfit. I usually opt for edgier pieces to add to a look.

Multiple Rings

I have loved the look of wearing tons of rings for a while, and I did it all the time until I got engaged and really wanted that ring to stand out (as if it wouldn’t!). I finally started wearing more rings again and I am really loving the style again! The key is to not adorn every finger, but find a balance across both hands.

Spring Jewelry Trends to Wear featured by top Dallas fashion blog, Running in Heels.

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