11 Reasons to Get a Spray Tan

Kasey Goedeker sits on ledge overlooking White Rock Lake in activewear by Zella and a Lily Pulitzer sports bra with a spray tan.
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I started getting spray tans this past spring and it has changed everything! From how I dress, to my confidence levels and self-esteem. There are so many reasons to get a spray tan, it’s so easy to do, and it is affordable, so I have made it a regular part of my routine.

I go to Palm Beach Tan and love the service and options they provide. They have so many ways for tanning from beds to booths, to at-home tan products. For spray tanning, there are many colors to match your skin tone perfectly, plus add-ons for extending the life or rapid activation. The staff at my location has been patient and SO helpful in helping me choose the right options to mix my perfect spray tan cocktail. Check out the PBT One or Premier Rewards Membership, it’s the perfect way to stay tan all year round!

If you’ve never gotten one, check out my post on what to do before your first spray tan!

11 Reasons to Get a Spray Tan:

A Spray Tan Can Increase Your Confidence

There are so many reasons to get a spray tan (and some misconceptions), but an increase in confidence is the best reason I can give you. Not only do I look better, but I feel better knowing that I’m not super pale. I’ve always been more confident in the summertime and a large part of that feeling was due to my sun-kissed skin and tan!

Confidence is the over-arching theme of this post, because all of the other benefits add up to helping improve my confidence levels. So if you’re looking for a quick (albeit superficial) boost, this is it!

A Spray Tan Hides Your Skin Imperfections

I’ve heard that tanning beds can actually help reduce acne due to the UV rays. Although I’ve never done sunbeds, that may be a good option for you if you are interested in sunbed tanning!

I prefer to spray tan and cover my blemishes, which works well enough for me! I’ve read that it can do the same for stretch marks because it basically hides and darkens the pigment of my skin so that anything red or discolored tends to blend better. Palm Beach Tan has a similar program for tanning beds and spray tans. Their PBT One Membership is only $14.95/mo plus the start up fee!

You Can Wear Shorts and Skirts with a Spray Tan

When tan, I feel and look better in clothes. Wearing skirts and dresses in the winter but even more so as we go into spring is so much nicer if I look like I’ve had some sun exposure. I used to get super tan in the summers when I was constantly outside as a kid, but now I just don’t have the time to lay out like I used to, with that pesky job that keeps me indoors. Plus, Texas summers are too hot to spend all that time outdoors, I get over that heat really quickly.

Whether it’s actually summer or it’s any other time of year, I can wear whatever I want and look my best. My legs look more toned, and I can wear even more colors. (I typically avoid light or pastel colors until I look tan enough.)

You Will Look More Toned with a Spray Tan

You’ve heard the phrase ‘if you can’t tone it, tan it,’ right? Well… it’s something I have definitely considered! You obviously can’t really give yourself more muscles by spray tanning, but you can improve your look of toning! I know my decently muscular legs tend to look even more so when I’m tan!

You Can Pretend You’ve Been on a Vacation

I feel so much better when I’m tan and feel like I’ve been in the sun. I don’t think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) necessarily, but I definitely have a change in mood when the winter weather hits and we see less sunshine. A good spray tan at least tricks my brain into thinking I’ve seen the sun! Plus it’s safer without UV exposure and a reduced risk of skin cancer when you spray it on! No one knows the difference, so I just keep on pretending!

All The Compliments You Get!

Do you like my tan? Thanks just got it! I get compliments on my golden glow all the time, and everyone asks where I have been to have it. I just tell them to hit up their local Palm Beach Tan and check out the PBT One Membership Program for regular sunless tanning, you’ll love them. You can read even more about the program here where I talk about how I keep my tan looking amazing all year round!

A Spray Tan Evens Out Your Tanlines

If you saw me last year I had a really gnarly sunburn-turned-tan line from the first time I went out in the sun that year. It was so bad and extremely embarrassing because it was a high-neck dress and tank style which meant it was super obvious when I wore a bathing suit. I never actually got rid of those lines until I lost my whole tan in the fall, but a spray tan actually helped the difference not be so drastic. Note: Spray tans make any pigment darker and won’t completely cover your tan lines, but it will help them blend better.

Keep Your Tan Year Round

Spray tanning is the best way to keep your tan year-round. Everyone loves that fresh-back-from-vacation feeling, and you can have that all year! Unfortunately, without the cocktails by the beach, at least the tan can last. I like to start with a light color right after and get darker the farther away we get from my trip. That way, I keep my vacation glow year-round.

No UV Exposure

Let’s be honest we all know the damaging effects the sun can have on your skin. From premature aging, and eye diseases, to possible cancer. The safest tan you can have is a fake one. As I’ve finally reached my thirties, I have realized the importance of really taking good care of my skin, so I;m spending less and less time in the sun these days.

Quick and Easy

Sunless tanning could not be simpler with Palm Beach Tan. You walk in, choose your settings, and head into the booth. The spraying process is so quick, just hold your position and away you go. Some booths have you turn around, so don’t forget to do that or you’ll have yourself a Ross Geller moment, but you could be in and out in less than ten minutes.

Sleep Through Development

Most people get their spray tan at night so they can sleep through the development process and then shower in the morning. There are quicker development options you can choose that can reduce time to around 4 hours, but I find sleeping it through is the best option for me so it doesn’t interfere with my daytime activities and I don’t have to think about eating or washing my hands and disrupting the development.

Overall, spray tanning has helped me discover that I don’t have to live with being pale throughout the year. I don’t have to melt in the summer sun just to get good color to make me feel better. A great tan is just a few minutes away! To learn more about PBT One, check out their website!

7 reasons to get a spray tan

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