7 Reasons to Stay at a Boutique Hotel in NYC: The Ridge Hotel Review

Boutique Hotels are popping up all over the place, but NYC might just take the cake with the sheer number and variety. I should know, I did thorough research while looking for a place to stay!

Boutique Hotels are typically smaller in size, more personalized, and sprinkled with local flair as defined by this U.S. News and World Report article. Just because they are smaller, doesn’t mean less expensive! I obviously needed somewhere affordable but obviously Instagrammable and in a good neighborhood. I stayed at The Ridge Hotel on the Lower East Side.

The Ridge Hotel

The Ridge Hotel is a lower east side boutique hotel in a cool artsy neighborhood. It’s surrounded by great restaurants, easy subway access, and is extremely walkable. From the first moment I walked through the door, the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful. Every conversation I had with them ended with “Please let us know if you need anything!”

The Room

Frankly, my room was small, but you’d be hardpressed to find a large hotel room in New York. However, especially for me, there isn’t much need for a larger room! There is so much to do in NYC, I’m basically in my room to shower and sleep. Granted the beds were super cozy so I could have spent all day there!

Crisp and clean white linens lined the beds, and the simple decor allowed for the usual amenities including a flat-screen TV on the wall. One part of a hotel room that usually makes or breaks my experience is the bathroom. In the Ridge Hotel, there was gorgeous marble tile lining the walls, clean, and the shower was perfection. The last thing I need when I travel is terrible water pressure because that leads to over an hour washing and drying my hair. Luckily that was not an issue at The Ridge Hotel and they even provided CBD lotions, soaps, and shower necessities.

The Property

Before you even walk into The Ridge Hotel, you see the colorful murals surrounding the entry on either side by amazing artists. Riding up the elevator to my floor, the doors open up to a winding hallway of even more artwork, lining the walls. One floor to ceiling painting matched the large mural on the outside wall by Crash.

When you continue up the elevator, you’ll end up on the rooftop terrace. The community terrace has an amazing view of downtown and the surrounding areas. It’s a great place to enjoy your morning coffee or a glass of wine at night!

Reasons to Stay at a Boutique Hotel in NYC

  1. Personalized Service– the team members at The Ridge Hotel recognized me every time I walked through the door!
  2. Character– I love that I wasn’t walking through a long corridor with identical doors and rooms like a standard hotel. The Ridge Hotel’s attention to detail with artwork all over the walls was the perfect
  3. Local– Getting to explore a new neighborhood around The Ridge Hotel was great! I found a few delicious restaurants such as Violet and Tré right around the corner. (Albeit, not on my own, luckily I’m friends with a few locals who pointed me in the right direction.)
  4. Off the Beaten Path– Instead of staying in Times Square like I usually do with my family, the change of scenery was perfect for exploring a new part of NYC! If you’ve been to the city once or twice and would like to see a new side of it, The Ridge Hotel is the way to go.
  5. *Can be* less expensive– While inexpensive is not synonymous with all boutique hotels, there is a huge range of prices. You just have to do your research! The Ridge Hotel was a great price, especially for a single traveler.
  6. Cozy– I hate traveling alone. I have always had my dogs by my side at home, I can only think of a few nights when they weren’t there to be my guards. So, a massive, empty, bare-walled hotel room is the last thing that I want. My room at The Ridge Hotel was cozy and homey!
  7. Community SpacesRooftop views are the best, and one thing I found consistent in my research was that many of the boutique hotels had great community spaces and rooftops. The Ridge Hotel’s rooftop was the perfect stop after dinner to see the city that never sleeps at night!

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