Social media is a tricky business. On one hand everyone thinks they can do it, but on the other, no business owner has time to deal with it. Lucky for you, social media is my business, and I want to work for you.

Who am I? 

I’m Kasey, Dallas Fashion Blogger and Social Media Guru.

My Background

I started my social media journey long before starting my blog in my previous sales and marketing roles, but really started studying it when I became the sole Social Media Manager at an a Digital Marketing Agency working with local businesses across the country. I was quickly promoted and continued to build and develop the Social Media Department, run the Social Media Ads, and led a team of Social Media Managers.

At the same time I started this job I began exploring social media for my fashion blog. In the first year I managed to grow my Instagram by 20k followers. The next year I doubled that, and grew my Pinterest following by 2k while tripling the traffic to my website.

I have spent years developing a proven strategy which has been tested on many industries ranging from fashion to art to home services. In I’ll personalize my strategy for your business because no two business are alike.

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How Does It Work?

FREE 15 Minute Consultation where we discuss your goals and how we could work together.

Social Media Consulting

I will do a deep dive into your account analytics and understand what is driving traffic, sales, and engagements. Who your audience is, and what they are looking for. From here we develop a plan for you to execute moving forward.

Social Media Management

I will take over your social media management and work on increasing the engagement, responding to comments, messages, and proactively finding new followers and potential customers based on the plan we develop.

Social Media Content Calendar

I will take over content creation on your social media sites. Delivering high quality and engaging content while expanding your reach and audience on social media sites.

Content creation can be on some or all of the following channels: Blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.


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*I have limited availability and take on no more than 3 clients at a time so I can provide my full attention to each individual business.