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About Kasey

I’m Kasey, the girl behind Running in Heels. I started this blog as a personal project to document my daily outfits, random musings and marathon training in progress. After the 2015 Dallas BMW Marathon, I realized I had this amazing platform to share and inspire people, and so after a few months of prep, in March of 2016, Running in Heels became the Dallas based-fashion blog with inspiration for girls on the go.

As this blog has developed, I have shared more than just fashion including beauty, home decor, travel stories, and more, but in the end, most of my posts will still revolve around my outfits and first true love of fashion!

Born and raised in Ohio, I went to school at Miami University and graduated with a B.S. in Marketing and minors in Management & Leadership and Fashion Design (I was the first person to ever have this!). I moved to Dallas with ambitions of being a Buyer but quickly moved over to the marketing world and fell in love with social media. When I started my blog I was the Social Media Manager at a local Digital Marketing company and was promoted to Team Leader a few months later.

Currently, I blog full-time and take on a select group of clients on freelance social media and writing projects. Learn more about how we can work together here.

More About Me

I’ve always been obsessed with dogs but wasn’t allowed to have one growing up. I adopted my first dog, Elie (after Elie Saab) only 4 days after moving to Dallas on my own, and got Mia as a puppy a year and a half later. They’re officially mutts, but both have some husky in them, so I call them husky-mutts.

Speaking of Kale, he’s my boyfriend and makes occasional appearances on the blog. We met randomly in Dallas bar, BBC and have been together since July of 2015.

I try to stay active and healthy, and occasionally write about my progress. The best place to find updates is my Fitness category, here.

Running in Heels is a Dallas based fashion blog designed to inspire everyday style for girls on the go.


xoxo Kasey


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