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About Kasey

I’m Kasey, the girl behind Running in Heels! Thank you for being here! I’m a Dallas-based fashion and lifestyle blogger, social media manager, and blogging consultant. I have a Marketing Degree from Miami University (OH) with minors in Management & Leadership and Fashion Design. 

After leaving my agency job where I ran the Social Media Department, I decided to give blogging a try full time. Everyday I get to learn and grow while creating content, making connections, and being a digital influencer. 

If I’m not drinking coffee my mug is full of red wine. I love to run and do yoga, and I can absolutely be categorized as a crazy dog lady. 

I’m so happy you’re here in my little corner of the internet. Thank you for reading and sharing my content! 


About Running in Heels

I have an obsession with pretty things, and am driven by creation. I aim to develop amazing content that was attainable to regular people, just like me.

I noticed that when I found really creative content that I loved looking at, I couldn’t actually purchase any of the items I saw because they were way out of my price range or just completely unrealistic for everyday wear. I wanted to create beautiful content with affordable styles and an attainable lifestyle, so I hope you find that is what you’ll see here.

Running in Heels has been a hub for creative and pretty content paired with attainable and affordable solutions. However, Running in Heels is more than just pretty photos. I want Running in Heels to be a place for honesty, style, and inspiration.
Grab a glass of wine and kick back, I’ll do the same and we can chat about life together! Looking for style inspiration? It’s everywhere here! Need a place to travel? I’ve got your guides. Looking for beauty tips? Look I’ll be honest, I won’t ever give you a make up tutorial (at least not a good one), but I do review products honestly and share everything I learn along the way!

Now it’s your turn! Drop a comment below or head over to Instagram and drop me a comment or message so we can get to know each other better!

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