Archer London: Lazy Weekend Dress

I am SO not ready for the week! This weekend we went out on a party barge to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday and recuperated all day Sunday (think long naps with ice cream in between). This dress from Archer London was my Sunday outfit, it was so comfortable and soft I napped in it all afternoon! Probably not the best use of a cute outfit, but honestly that was all I wanted to do all day! The sun really takes it out of you!

I got this dress last week at Archer London. They have fun events every month with treats and drinks. This one was a big sale, and I was so excited. Archer London features European brands that you can’t always find around the US. I love the open sides on this dress because they make it a bit edgy and I can wear a fun bralette!

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my #NSale Survival Guide with all of my Dos and Don’ts for shopping the sale! Shop my first picks in the sidebar –>

Archer London dress







xoxo Kasey

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