Asking for a Friend: Black and Navy?

I’ve always been known as “the fashion girl” among my friends. In high school I was on a style committee at the local mall, in college I was VP of the fashion organization, and in life, I eat, sleep, and breath fashion- which is why I wanted to dedicate this blog to inspiring and learning from others.

This is a series I thought up while talking with a friend about what to wear for her engagement photos. She told me she had a navy winter coat, so my immediate suggestion was a sleek black outfit underneath. She wasn’t on board, mostly due to the old rule that our mothers lived by to never wear navy and black together. I realized in her hesitation that to someone who isn’t as invested in the industry, she may not know the latest trends or ever-changing “rules”. So my dear friend, this series is for you, and everyone else looking for the how-to’s and why nots.

Now, onto the post! To answer today’s question, “Is it ok to wear black and navy together?” The answer is yes, absolutely. My response for trying something new or bold is always to make sure you are doing it “on purpose” i.e. have confidence and be comfortable with your choices. (Spoiler alert: confidence will be a running theme in this series.)

Wearing black and navy on purpose, to me looks like a good blend of both colors, and a statement piece.  Here are a few things I like to keep in mind  when putting together a look I haven’t tried before:

-Make one piece a statement, like a jacket, coat, or sweater.

-Keep the rest of your outfit simple.

-If Victoria Beckham wears it, it can’t be wrong.

-Black heels and a black leather bag will go with anything.

blk navy

blk and navy2

I hope this was helpful! Please let me know what you think in the comments. If you have a style question, email me at, and I will add it into the series!

xoxo Kasey


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  1. Musings wrote:

    “If Victoria Beckham wears it, it can’t be wrong.” So true! I wear dark blue and black together all the time: 90% of my closet is dark neutrals, so although I’ve had people tell me I shouldn’t wear those colors together I ignore them. I think it looks fine, if done well. Great post!

    Posted 12.9.15 Reply
    • If you love it, wear it! That’s my #1 rule 🙂 Glad you liked the post!

      Posted 12.9.15 Reply