Back to Routine

IMG_7680 After a long holiday and a completely thrown off schedule, I am finally back to my routine this week. Unfortunately that means no more working from home, and hanging out with my pups all day, but such is life. What I am excited about is this fresh start. Since I fell out of my routine, I get to create a whole new one. I would love to say I’m going to wake up at 5am, work out, shower, walk the dogs, make breakfast, and have time to blog all before work, but let’s face it, that’s incredibly unrealistic. While that may be the end goal, there is no way I can jump right into it, so I’m taking a similar approach as my 30 day challenges: Start slow and with something you can successfully complete, and build upon that each day. My workout routine will stay in the evening for a couple weeks, until I get up early enough to get to the gym and shower, which is no small feat for me! However, my longer term goal is to get up early enough for 6am yoga class, but I refuse to join the studio before I can do this regularly! I am so excited to get this fresh start, and with the puppy, I’m forced awake earlier than I used to be anyway. Might as well make those morning hours productive! Shop my look below! My leggings are sold out, but I linked the matching shorts and a few similar legging options!

xoxo Kasey  

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