The Best Valentine’s Day Decor for your Apartment

Valentine's Day Decor for your Apartment

When Kale and I were dating, we lived in a small apartment. We loved our apartment, but it lacked space and storage, so decor options were minimal for display and because we didn’t have the space to store them in off-seasons. So when we lived there, I chose cute Valentine’s Day decorations to mesh with our usual apartment decor throughout February! Nothing too over the top but it brought a few festive moments.

I love decorating for fun holidays but especially now, I have a more minimal style so I like mixing it into my usual decor. I don’t want it to be too cheesy or in your face. Plus, I typically don’t adhere to the usual put up/take down schedules so I want it to blend nicely and ideally be somewhat acceptable after the holiday or immediate season has passed.

For Valentine’s Day, I have added some much-needed color to my grayscale apartment! The usual pink and red pops of color for the holiday mix nicely into my neutrals!

I get a lot of my seasonal decor from Target and Home Goods, more specifically from the dollar section, so it is tough to share exact items, I’m hoping this post is inspirational in nature, though similar items have been linked in the appropriate sections below!

Valentine’s Day Decor for Your Apartment

Vase Filler

I grabbed this glass vase before Christmas, and love it for displaying fun vase filler. It’s a great way to add a pop of color or festivity without adding piles of knick-knacks to your countertops. One note about this vase is it is not filled with just one package of vase filler from Target. I do end up mixing multiple packages to completely fill. Sometimes I pull the neutral pieces from my winter filler to help!

This vase filler was the last one on the shelves at my store, and I do not see it online, but I loved the pom-poms and the colors! This would be simple to replicate by buying or making pink and white pom-poms and then mixing them with painted wicker balls. I linked additional pre-made options below!

Light Garland

Lights add a fun element to decor because they take up little space but add a lot. I have regular white fairy lights that I use around Christmas, but I like to switch them out for pink or red lights for Valentine’s Day! These are a super short strand from (yet again) the Target Dollar Spot, but they are easy to find online too.

Candy Plate/Bowl

Growing up, my mom always kept candy around the house. Little bowls of chocolate kisses for Valentine’s Day or jelly beans for Easter were a staple in the living room! Though Kale and I don’t eat much candy, I still like to keep it around for a little treat now and then. My plate is not Valentine’s Day specific, so I keep it out during other seasons of the year, but the pink works perfectly for the Valentine’s Day season! I grabbed mine from Home Goods years ago, but I linked adorable options below!

Pink Candles

I absolutely love candles and keep many around the apartment. In fact, I switch scents out throughout the year, so Valentine’s Day is no different! I pulled out a few smaller rose-scented candles, one of which happens to be pink- perfect for Valentine’s Day decor!

Knick Knacks

Knick-knacks are what I’ll call my Target dollar-spot finds. I don’t like a lot of them, but there are absolutely some functional items and cute pieces that add to the space. I have probably six little buckets for different seasons that I use for our keys. This pink one is the newest addition!

Kitchen Towels

I have probably too many kitchen towels, but they are so fun and easy to swap in and out with the season. Heck, with the day! I get a lot of them as gifts or from Home Goods, but I linked a few fun Valentine’s Day options below!

Valentine's Day Decor for your Apartment

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