How to Spend a Day in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

After a heartbreaking Steelers loss in the playoffs this Sunday, I figured it was a great time to post about one of my favorite cities, Pittsburgh! Over the holidays, I went home to Ohio and my flight was through Pittsburgh. Before I left, my family drove up to the city and spent the day in Pittsburgh. We spent most of our time at the Warhol Museum. Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists, and I was so excited to finally go to the museum! It only takes an hour or so to go through the whole thing, but they have so many amazing paintings and art from Warhol’s life!

Recently, Pittsburgh was named one of the top cities to travel to. Aside from my brief day this winter, I haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time in the city in recent years. Though, there are some things that just don’t change! My love of the city stems primarily from my family’s Steelers obsession, then the time I spent there in my childhood attending shows and dinners- my family loves the theatre! I also spent many days with my mom in the car driving an hour and a half to and from the city for ballet. First it was the summer intensive tryouts and then the first year I was accepted to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive, my mom drove me to Pittsburgh every single day that summer.

Pittsburgh holds a lot of fond memories for me, and there is so much to do in the city! Thoughts on sports teams aside, I love this place and honestly think the whole place is beautiful! Plus the iconic yellow bridges are amazing to look out on when you’re having dinner at the top of the hill!

How to Spend a Day in Pittsburgh

Things To Do in Pittsburgh

Go to a sporting event: Pirates, Steelers, Penguins

See a show: Theatre ProductionsThe Ballet

Go to a Museum: Warhol MuseumCarnegie Museum of Natural HistoryCarnegie Art Museum

Walk around Pitt’s campus– It was on my short list of universities to attend!

Where to Eat and Drink in Pittsburgh

The Church Brew Works – My sister told me about this place!

Primanti Bros -They opened one up in my hometown so I can eat there in Ohio too!

Mullen’s Bar & Grill


I’m sure there are so many more, but I haven’t been to them in so long! I’m going to refer to this list for the rest of them!

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24 Hours in Pittsburgh

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24 Hours in Pittsburgh
A special exhibit with Farhad Moshiri’s work. Many of the canvases were embroidered and the design was created with beads.

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

24 Hours in Pittsburgh
This was fully embroidered with beads! Artwork by Farah Moshiri

24 Hours in Pittsburgh

How to spend a day in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Briana wrote:

    I’ll have to try these places! I cannot wait to go travel soon!


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  2. Jennifer wrote:

    Love how thorough your guide is! I’d love to visit Pittsburgh one day!

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  3. Such a great post! I need to keep it bookmarked for when I visit Pittsburgh! xx

    Posted 1.18.18 Reply
  4. Cathy wrote:

    How fun!! I’ve never been, but definitely need to check these places out when I go for the first time!!


    Posted 1.19.18 Reply
  5. Pittsburgh is so on my list and it’s the first time I see a post for it! I literately keep a document with travel blog posts so I know exactly where I go when I make it to that city. Thanks so much for sharing x

    Posted 1.19.18 Reply
  6. Kileen wrote:

    This looks amazing girl!! I’ll definitely have to visit sometime!

    cute & little

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  7. Liz wrote:

    We are steelers fans too! Will definitely book mark this for the future!


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  8. Samantha wrote:

    This is such a cool post!! I’ve heard good things about Primanti Brothers!!

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  9. Jessica Camerata wrote:

    I would love to go to a Steelers game, looks like a fun city!

    xo Jessica
    My Style Vita

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  10. maggie wrote:

    What a fun day!!

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  11. Greta wrote:

    I’ve always wanted to spend some time in Pittsburg. Sounds like a great city!

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  12. Brooke T wrote:

    Omg I wanna go!! I take it you’re a steelers fan?


    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  13. Nataly wrote:

    This looks like such a fun day! I love that jacket too!

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  14. I’d love to go to a game and the Warhol museum! Thanks for sharing all your tips!

    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  15. Can you believe I’ve never been to Pennsylvania? I think I need to make a trip!


    Posted 1.22.18 Reply
  16. Ashley DTKAustin wrote:

    This looks SO FUN! I have never been but have been wanting to book a trip there!

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  17. Annie wrote:

    Pittsburgh is such a fun city! I went there all the time growing up!

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  18. Chloé wrote:

    Ahhh so many fun adventures! I definitely need to make a trip here!!

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