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Hi Everyone! I was super lucky to get today off from work! Hooray for three-day weekends! On my days off I prefer to be productive, even if it’s just checking one small thing off of my to-do list. This weekend I finally did this DIY project that I wanted to do for a while. I already had all of the pieces in my apartment, which made the project even better was, I didn’t have to buy anything, and I put my knick-knacks to good use! However, if you don’t have these things laying around, I linked what you’ll need below!

What you’ll need:

Fur Pom Pom

Old key chain (or key ring and chain)



Thread to match your pom pom



If you are using an old keychain you will first have to separate the decorative piece from the chain, using pliers. Just bend the chain until it opens up and you can slide the link and decorative piece off. If you bought chain and a key ring, all you will have to do is cut the chain to your desired length (these pliers are also a wire cutter) add the key ring to the chain.


Thread your needle with thread matching your pom pom, and tie a knot at the end. Put the needle through the top layer of the pom pom and pull through until the knot catches.


Grab your chain and key ring and put the needle through pulling the chain down to meet the pom pom. You may have to loop the thread around another time to secure it, if the thread slips through the opening in the chain.


Repeat the sewing process about 10 times to secure the chain to the pom pom, and then on the eleventh time you will tie a knot. Instead of pulling the thread tight to secure the chain again, you will pull the needle through the loop created with the thread and then pull it tight. Repeat three times then cut your thread.


Attach your new pom pom keychain to your favorite bag and wear it proud! I loved this project because it took less than 15 minutes and I created a super trendy piece that I wouldn’t normally invest the needed amount. Even if you purchase all of the pieces of this project, it still only costs about half of the amount as the famed Michael Kors version.

Pom Pom $3.99 + Key Ring (pkg) $2.49 + Chain $3.99 + Pliers $5.19 + Needle $1.49 + Thread $2.69 = $19.84 vs. $38 for Michael Kors pom pom keychain.

Or if you really want to, you can buy one and skip all of these steps, but then you don’t have that awesome sense of achievement.

xoxo Kasey

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  1. So smart! Love it !

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  2. maya wrote:

    Great idea!

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