Day Trip to Atlantis: 11 Things to Do for Non Guests

How to help with Hurricane Dorian Relief, info featured by top US travel blog, Running in Heels

I have posted about the effects of Hurricane Dorian and what you can do to help here and here. Atlantis on Paradise Island was not affected by Hurricane Dorian, however, they are raising funds to help the relief efforts, you can donate to their relief fund here. Tourism is an important part of the Bahamas’ ability to rebuild the islands hit by Hurricane Dorian. In an effort to encourage tourism, I’m sharing my experience from my trip only a couple of weeks before the storm. If you are visiting the Bahamas, I recommend a day trip to Atlantis. Below are the top things to do for non-guests!

Atlantis is a beautiful, but heavily guarded place. There is security on every corner and every doorway asking for your room key (they’re dated) or your wristband. There are, however, a few places you can go without these things. Of course, Atlantis isn’t known for being a bargain, so nothing is free, but some things you can do without a day pass, though your options are limited.

“Free” Things To Do on a Day Trip to Atlantis- No Day Pass Needed

Atlantis doesn’t do “free” well, so by “free” I really mean, you can enter for free, but it’s assumed you’ll spend money while you are there. Don’t expect to access much of the property. Without a Day Pass you’ll likely not be able to get past security to see much of the resort. They were very strict about wristbands and room keys (which are dated with your check out date). The only places you are able to access are the locations above: the Casino, Marina Village, and the lobby areas. You will not be allowed to go into the resort to view the marine life habitats or outside to the pool areas, and you can forget about seeing the beach.

Marina Village

Marina Village is located next to the hotel on the edge of the marina. It is full of colorful shops, restaurants, and street vendors. Though it is open to the public and looks separate, it is an extension of the Atlantis property, so reservations to restaurants will be more difficult to get since guests of the hotel take priority.

Shops available range from Atlantis souvenirs, to Rum cakes vendors, Pirhana Joe, and several luxury jewelry stores.


The Atlantis casino is open to the public at all times. Of course, everyone can come in and gamble their money away! The casino is truly amazing, though. With several restaurants inside, it also features famous glass art sculptures by the renown artist, Dale Chihuly. Note: Children are not allowed in the casino, and the gambling age in the Bahamas is 18.

Joker’s Wild Comedy Club

For the price of a ticket (around $20-30), you can get into the comedy club, which is open to the public. Every day Joker’s Wild Comedy Club hosts some of “television’s funniest comics”. When we were there we saw Valarie Storm and Johnny Lee Dam.

Go Shopping

Inside Atlantis, there is more shopping. Just outside of the Casino on either side you’ll find several luxury designer boutiques among additional souvenir shops.

Book a Spa Day

The Mandara Spa is open to the public, so you can book your spa day at Atlantis without being a guest. However, there is limited availability, so book ahead of your trip to secure your spot! Click here for details on spa services.

Atlantis Dolphin Cay

Atlantis has it’s own manmade, open-air dolphin habitat created in response to Hurricane Katrina destroying the habitat of 17 stranded dolphins. During your visit, you can book one of many experiences in the Dolphin Cay ranging from snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, and more with dolphins and sea lions. Here is a list of experiences you may book at the Dolphin Cay. Book ahead, they fill up fast! Every visit benefits the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation dedicated to saving sea species and their habitats.

*When you purchase the Dolphin Cay, you may have the opportunity to bundle it with a Day Pass.

Can You Take Photos in the Dolphin Cay?

If you have someone in your party who is watching from shore, they will have to pay a small fee (under $20) to get into the beach area as well. There is a free viewing area, but it is too far away for photos for the most part. I’d recommend having them pay to get in, that fee will be much less expensive than the professional photos. If you do love some of the professional photos they take but don’t want a whole package, wait until you get home and download from the website they give you. You can get a single download for half of the price they sell it for in the shop.

Marine Experiences

In addition to the Dolphin Cay, there are other marine experiences you can sign up for including snorkel, scuba, shark encounters, stingray experiences, and more. We have not done these experiences, but they look incredible! With your purchase of a Marine Experience, you may be able to bundle with a day pass. Additionally, each booked experience with Every Atlantis Adventure and Blue Adventure benefits Atlantis Blue Project Foundation.

Things To Do on a Day Trip to Atlantis with a Day-Pass

There are several different types of Day-Passes, once purchased, you are good to roam the properties, just as a guest. You can purchase a day pass through the front desk, your cruise line, or online ahead of time. With a Day Pass, you’ll have the same access as resort guests and access to the amenities, restaurants, pools, marine life habitats, and beaches.

Aquaventure Park + Pools

The Aquaventure park is one of the most notable features of Atlantis. There are seven waterslides, two rivers, one lazy river, and one rapid river, as well as 11 pools and four private beaches.

Marine Habitats

Throughout all of Atlantis, there are amazing aquariums and marine life habitats including sharks, manta rays, turtles, dolphins, stingrays, and so many more. As you walk the grounds you can find the habitats and learn about the marine life inside.

The Dig

An aquarium home to some of the world’s most exotic sea creatures. Fashioned after the lost continent of Atlantis, The Dig features 8 separate exhibits featuring several different fish and marine creatures. In The Dig you might even see their giant manta ray!

Lay on the Private Beach

Private beaches are another benefit of getting a day-pass to Atlantis. Chairs, umbrellas, and towels, are all available to you to use by the pools and on the beaches. The beaches are uncrowded with white sands and crystal clear waters. I promise the view is something you can’t get sick of!

Marine Habitats: 0:10
The Dig: 1:40, 5:47
Marina Village: 1:52, 5:42
Aquaventure Park: 3:40
Private Beach: 6:14
Dolphin Cay: 6:46
Joker’s Wild Comedy Club: 9:00
Casino: 11:53

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    Looks so fun! I’d love to visit Atlantis!

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  2. Marry wrote:

    Basically you can only visit to Casino as a Non Visitor for free. Otherwise Atlantis has Day pass and always blocked by security.
    So don’t waste time trying to sneak in.

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    • Yes, definitely was not suggesting anyone try to sneak in. Please purchase your day pass for the necessary activities!

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