6 Different Types of Travel Bags You Need

Different Types of Travel Bags You Need for traveling, featured by top US travel blog, Running in Heels

I travel a lot. I love to visit new places and see new things, and perhaps more important, I have to travel to see my family! This last year I traveled ten out of twelve months in the year. It’s a lot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! In my opinion, travel keeps life exciting! It is the best way to shake up your routine and experience new things.

When you go, you surely need something to carry your things in, so having the right travel bags on deck is really important! It should come as no surprise that I’ve accumulated quite a number of bags to travel with and definitely have my favorites. Below is my list of the best different types of travel bags to keep in your collection.

6 Different Types of Travel Bags You Need

A Large Suitcase

Personally, I hate checking bags, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Large suitcases are often necessary, and you definitely want one that is of high quality. Airport baggage carousels are not the most gentle creatures. I’ve been using this Lipault luggage and it’s been great! It’s recognizable in the airport, and easy to pack. The soft face did make me nervous at first, but I haven’t had any issues even when transporting gifts back and forth for the holidays.

A Carry On

My tried and true carry-on luggage is this iFly roller bag. It’s the perfect carry-on size, and expandable if you plan to check it. It’s also super durable and has lasted me quite a while and many trips! If you only have one bag to travel with, this would be the one I choose!

A Weekender

I love a good weekender bag! They are perfect for-as the name says- weekend trips! I usually use it for shorter driving trips, but I have taken this bag as a carry-on on a flight when I don’t want to check my bag at the gate, and it almost always works. You usually aren’t asked to check anything that isn’t a roller bag!

A Backpack

My Royce NYC backpack is my go-to for flights now. It’s large and slim with a padded pocket for my laptop. There are tons of pockets inside for my headphones and chargers. It’s the best personal item for a flight! I also love backpacks when I’m walking around a lot in my destination, but I do prefer a mini backpack generally for amusement parks, like Disney or Universal, crowded cities, like NYC, or anywhere I know I’ll be out all day. I can pack it full and not worry about a heavy bag on one shoulder all day. I love my Marley Lilly one and my Lipault backpack!

A Tote Bag

I don’t remember a trip with my family growing up where my mom didn’t bring a tote bag. Tote bags used to be a travel staple, but I actually find myself reaching for my backpack instead of most times. However, if it’s a short trip, or I don’t need to pack much, I do love my Longchamp because it folds up and packs easy, and holds just enough stuff. I used this bag all through college packing it to the brim, and it’s such great quality!

A Cross Body Bag

I almost never bring my regular satchel purse(s) with me when I travel! I don’t use one on the plane or in the airport and don’t miss it when I’m at my destination. Crossbody bags are great for travel because they’re generally smaller, so they are easy to pack and don’t take much room, and work for almost any situation. My bag in the photos is from The Daily Edited, I linked more great options below at various price points!

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