Easy Ways to Decorate Your Small Apartment for Christmas

Decorate Your Small Apartment for Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my apartment! Decorating is so much fun, but it’s tough when you don’t have a ton of space. It’s hard to tell what will fit in a small apartment, and if you are like me, you’ll want it all! I’ve lived in a 500 sq ft apartment with two dogs, and now an 800+ sq ft apartment with my two dogs and Kale. In this post, I’m sharing all of my tips and tricks for decorating your apartment for Christmas!

Decorate Your Small Apartment for Christmas

Start With the Tree

As the center piece of your apartment in the month of December, the Christmas tree is an important piece of your Christmas decorations. Remember, the taller the tree, the wider it is on the bottom. Even if you have high ceilings, you may not have the space for the circumference! I found that a 6 foot tree worked great in both of my apartments! Mine was only $39, but very sparse on the bottom, so I filled it in with wired branch garland. 

Have a Color Scheme and Merry Theme

I decorated my tree with my favorite ornaments from mine and Kale’s childhood, which turned out to be a theme in itself. Most of my ornaments are pink, so the tree is blush and gold. I also wrapped a burlap ribbon around the tree as garland to match my burlap tree skirt. My Christmas decor is all gold, silver, burlap, and white, which matches the rest of my grey apartment perfectly!

Some people choose a theme for each tree, but I think when decorating for Christmas in a small space, you should make sure everything flows easily. Choose a few colors and make sure all of your apartment Christmas decor follows the color and style of your space.

Spread Christmas Cheer (By Singing Loud for All to Hear)

You can add figurines and little touches of Christmas in all of your small spaces! If you have the space, even a small decorated Christmas tree, or maybe the Peanuts tree us more your style! I added little touches to our dresser in the bedroom, my bar cart, in the bookcase, and even in the kitchen and bathroom! I got Christmas kitchen towels and hand towels for our bathroom (not pictured), so that way, the decor flows from room to room.

The Stockings Were Hung… No Mantle, No problem

Many apartments, including my own, don’t have a fireplace which means, no mantle to hang your stockings with care. I had to get creative with where I hung mine. I used to use command hooks, but I hated how they looked, so this year I removed the decorations above my bar cart and hung three of the stockings on the nails, and used two more to hang the other two stockings. I’m sure I’ll regret the extra nails come January, but it looks so much better!

Rethink Wreaths

I don’t mean where to place them, I mean re-think them all together. Wreaths are expensive. That’s why I ended up making my own for our front door originally (if you look close enough, you can definitely see the zip ties). I found a few that I liked, but not enough to spend the money, so instead I grabbed two burlap bows to add to my balcony doors, and I actually think I like it better.

A Holly Jolly Balcony: Outdoor Christmas Decorations

I’m definitely not talking about those massive inflatables, or big lawn reindeer (although I have seen a few very creative people add them to their apartment balconies), but there are a few apartment balcony ideas for Christmas decor. Adding a wreath to your outside door or string lights to your railing would be a great way to spread the Christmas cheer outside. Many outdoor Christmas decorations are not made for apartments. Balcony decorations are most likely limited to fixed items.

Don’t Smell Like Beef and Cheese, Smell Like Santa

There are so many ways to make your home smell like the holidays! Bake cookies, light candles, use wall flowers, anything that floats your boat, but your Christmas decor is not complete unless your home smells like Christmas too! I grabbed a bag of potpurri which sits on our coffee table in the living room. It doesn’t give off a ton of scent, but it’s great when you do notice it.

Candles are by far the best way to spread the scent throughout your home. My favorite is called Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candle. That scent not only smells like Christmas, but it reminds me of home! It is the same candle my mom gets back in Ohio. I also love getting seasonal soaps for the kitchen and bathroom sinks. I love the Bath and Body Works scents of Toasted Vanilla Chai for the bathroom and Winter White Woods for the kitchen. This is a great way to spread Christmas cheer in a tiny apartment!


Shop Apartment Christmas Decor

Much of my Christmas decor came from my childhood, past years, and home goods, which as you know is impossible to find anything again once you find it once! However, I’ve done my best to grab the most similar items for you to shop!

Apartment Christmas Tree

Holiday Bar Cart

Cozy Living Room Decor

Christmas Kitchen Touches



Bar Cart

Xmas Tree

Grey Couch


How to Decorate Your Small Apartment for Christmas

Decorate Your Small Apartment for Christmas

Kitchen - Xmas Decor

Xmas Decor


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  1. Cathy wrote:

    Such great decor tips! I love your drink cart, it’s so festive!!


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  2. That drink cart, I need it. I love all of these decor tips, I feel like it would work for a small living space too!

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    your place looks so cute! i’m loving how you decorated the bar cart!

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  4. Love your decoration ideas!

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  5. Rachel wrote:

    This year I’ve gone through a MAJOR purge as far as the amount of items in my house and I really want to move to a smaller place because I feel like I tend to accumulate more when I have more space, and I’m a lot more grateful and mindful of what I have when I have less. I love your ideas for decorating a small space for Christmas! The idea of putting the stockings over the bar cart and decorating the bar cart too is so cute! I think the ONLY thing I would miss about living in a big house would be my fireplace! But I’d give it up for a cozier space with less STUFF!

    Posted 12.4.18 Reply
  6. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Your space looks great! So many cute items!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

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  7. Nailil wrote:

    This post comes in handy. We sold our home over the summer and temporarily moved into a small apartment. Needless to say I’m struggling with how to decorate this holiday season.

    Xx, Nailil

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    Loveee all of your holiday decor!!! So cute!

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    I totally needed this post! Apartments can be so tough to decorate!

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    This decoration is fantastic!! I love the cute picture with the dog and the Christmas tree<3


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    Love your space! So cute and cozy.. full of Holiday vibes!!

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    So many amazing tips!! You did such an amazing job decorating!

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    I love the way you decorated your place this year! It looks so cozy and cute!

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