8 Cute Engagement Party Dresses for Brides

8 Cute Engagement Party Dresses for Brides

It’s almost engagement party time! Kale and I have been engaged since March 2021. Things have been moving slowly on the wedding front until recently because we bought a house and were focusing a lot of attention on that instead. However, we finally started booking vendors and decided to have a combined Housewarming/Engagement party to celebrate both major milestones in our lives. We are so excited, and naturally my first thought went to ‘What do I wear to my engagement party?’

Of course, it depends on the type of event, but many engagement parties will be cocktail parties, and that is what we will be having. I went browsing online and found some amazing engagement party dresses and have some tips for brides below!

Cute Engagement Party Dresses for Brides

Start Shopping Early

Depending on when your party will be, you may need to look for your dress months early. White dresses are extremely hard to find outside of summer! There may be a few options throughout the year, but you’ll have so many more options if you look in the Spring and Summer months.

Fabric Choice is Important

I might be able to write a whole post about fabric choice for bridal dresses, but I’ll make it short. The season is a large factor on the type of fabric you’ll want to choose in your dress. I love a completely sequined number, but in the middle of summer, it will probably be too heavy and really hot. The opposite situation would go for linen or eyelet, while gorgeous on a summer day, they’re really light and not fit for winter months (yes, even in warmer climates!).

Match Your Style to Your Event

Similaraly to the fabric, you’ll want to match your style to both the season and event. If your event is a December cocktail party, a sundress won’t match the season. Similarly if you’re having a daytime BBQ, a cocktail dress will be overkill for that event.

Check Your Lighting

I love a flowy white dress as much as the next gal, but make sure it’s lined and test your dress in different kinds of lighting! The last thing you want is to wear a cute white dress at night and find out that when the lights are on, everyone can see straight through your dress! Everyone will be looking at you, so you want to try your dress on in different types of lighting. Your lighting at home could be completely different than where your event will be held.

Pair With the Right Accessories

Pair your white dress with wedding accessories! I love so many of these wedding shoes. I’m big on re-wearing, so grab a gorgeous pair of heels or wedding jewelry and wear them for all of your wedding events!

8 Cute Engagement Party Dresses for the Bride

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