Best Amazon Finds

Let me start with an unpopular opinion: I am not a huge Amazon fan. I still think of Amazon as…

Aerie Loungewear and Tie Dye Favorites

Aerie has had the best loungewear this spring/summer, and I have been loving it! I have been browsing their website weekly for new pieces and it’s taken everything in me not to place an order every time!

Thoughts For Today

Before I go back to normal posting: I do not want to ignore the current movement in society. I stand with BIPOC. I am and vow to continue to be actively anti-racist.

TikTok’s Whipped Coffee Recipe with a Kick

The famed whipped coffee has spilled over to Instagram and other social media sites. When I saw the coffee and how simple it was, I had to try it out for myself! I’m sharing my recipe with an extra kick in this post!

What to do When You’re Unemployed

I’ve had the thought to write this post for a long time, but always felt a twinge of embarrassment. So, in stead of sharing what I learned I let it sit here in my drafts folder, untouched. It’s time though. I’m sharing what to do if you find yourself unemployed. It’s happened to me, and it’s very common.