5 Fall Bar Cart Decor Ideas

Fall Bar Cart Decor Ideas

There are generally two types of people decorating in the fall, those who decorate for fall and those who decorate for Halloween. Then your Halloween people split between cute Halloween and spooky Halloween. I’m mostly a fall decor person with a few cutsy Halloween touches (My skulls are glittery, we’re hardly spooky here.) In this post, I’ll share some fun ways to decorate your bar cart for Halloween, fall, or both with these fall bar cart ideas.

We use our bar cart functionally, to hold liquor, glasses, and cocktail-making accessories. Our bar cart is quite large, it holds tons of bottles for storage and other is still room for decor. I got it years ago when bar carts were THE necessary apartment accessory for girls living in trendy apartments. Though I got it as a trendy item, it certainly stood the test of time and maintained its usefulness and style. This bar cart is versatile and I love decorating it for different seasons. These ideas can be replicated and recreated on many different bar carts and styles.

In all of these decor ideas, you’ll notice I keep my decor on the top shelf. My dogs get into everything! If you can spread out your decor I would encourage that, but mine would most likely be eaten by my pups!

5 Fall Bar Cart Decor Ideas

Gold Fall Bar Cart Decor

Most of my accents in this house are gold or brass. I grabbed my brass bar cart accessories and put them on display. I also added a gold vase with dried flowers, which I love for Halloween! Although these are from my wedding and I keep them out all year round. I also pulled out some orange details in the fall with my pumpkins, but I love an all-gold style. For this fall bar cart idea, I grabbed my favorite gold pumpkins, some with gold details, and my favorite fall decor item, the cutest gold squirrel.

Gold Fall Bar Cart Decor with gold pumpkins, dried flowers, and bar cart accessories

Minimal Fall Bar Cart Decor

We have a lot of liquor bottles as well as accessories, shakers, and mixers. For this bar cart style, I tried to keep the fall decor minimal. I loved the gold pumpkin look with the gold accents we have all around the house. It complements the mirror and the bar cart well. I added two small pumpkins to the corner for a fun fall accent. Plus a great fall touch is the leaf twinkle lights I grabbed at the Target dollar spot a while back. I love the bar cart styled with minimal decorations!

Minimal Fall Bar Cart Decor, a two tiered bar cart with stacked cocktail books with a gold pumpkin, leaf twinkle lights, and two small pumpkins next to a wine rack.

Halloween Bar Cart Decor

I gathered my all of my Halloween decor (admittedly its minimal) and styled this look for a Halloween-themed fall bar cart style. My favorite Halloween item is my silver skull candles. I grabbed them at Home Goods last year and I am obsessed with them, but it does make it hard for me to share with you! I’ve linked similar ones below. I also bought these adorable Halloween cocktail napkins at Home Goods, so keep your eyes open when there! While you won’t find faux cobwebs or bats flying up my walls these items would be a fantastic addition to the Halloween Bar Cart decor ideas if you are more of a Halloween girlie!

Halloween Bar Cart Decor whimsical lights with colorful spider webs, a shimmery skull candle, festive cocktail napkins and a Jack O Lantern bucket holding cocktail making accessories

Subtle Halloween Bar Cart

This is a great way to show both fall and Halloween decor in a subtle way. No skulls or bats flying around the walls, but some pumpkins with webbing and a small sign for Boo and Booze. I normally stray away from word signs, but I personally think they’re okay in moderation specifically around holidays and when they’re kept to a minimum and are small. This style pictured below was from my fall apartment decorating ideas post, but still very relevant. This subtle Halloween style is what I use in my fall decor most often!

Pumpkin Fall Bar Cart Decor

For this last bar cart for fall, I did a bar cart styled with all pumpkins, and looking at the imagery it certainly is a ton of pumpkins! We’re doing pumpkin overload! I am fully on board with using coffee table books everywhere, so I stacked my coffee table books and landed a pumpkin on top and arranged several small pumpkins around. My glass ice bucket was filled with pumpkin bowl fuller and I arranged my Estelle Colored Glasses by its side. I loved the way the orange-pink (the color is blush pink on the website) wine glasses look!

bar area at home

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