Vogue’s Issues with Fashion Bloggers

I was going to write a blog for today about tying your blanket scarf (moved to Monday), but I read this article and felt like I needed to respond to the Vogue editors that think fashion bloggers should “Find another business.” I used to look up to Vogue, pour over the pages of ads, articles and editorial shoots and hope that someday I would make it in the fashion industry. That magazine gave me a goal, something to look up to, which proved just about unreachable in many circumstances. (Want an internship? You’ll have to pay them for it.*)

As a fashion blogger, this is a huge insult. Vogue as a whole is something so far out of reach for most people, from working in the offices to buying the beautiful pieces on the glossy pages. However, fashion bloggers can not only provide inspiration, but easy access to actual, attainable pieces, or in their words the “nonexclusive aesthetic”. It’s actually not a bad thing to sell things that people want and are able to buy. Blogging isn’t about the wearable art that shows up on the high-end runways such as “Versace and BV are two houses that don’t play the game.” It’s about how we translate that runway, editorial fashion to the real world for real people.

That “impenetrable bubble” one of the editors was talking about, as if  “working all hours and through the weekends,” was exclusive to their position. What she described was a fashion blogger’s life every week, not just Fashion Week. Most of us have full-time jobs. We work for agencies, hospitals, and law firms, for forty-plus hours a week. Then we go home to work on our passion projects at night and on the weekends. The lucky ones who figured out how to make a solid income from their blogs are the real leaders in our world. I look up to the entrepreneurs that turned their blogs into businesses. As for the brands and “the game”? The smart ones are getting involved with fashion bloggers and influencers. We are active every single day on social media and multiple times a week on our blogs, and are able to reach their customers directly, quickly, and more efficiently than a monthly magazine. Brands who want to reach their audience quickly and inexpensively will do it through bloggers who fit their brand.

I have no idea what Fashion Week in New York is like, so I can’t address the swarm of photographers. However, I’ve dreamt about Fashion Week, it would actually make my life to actually be there. So, just like I imagine those Vogue Editors did, I’m going to work my butt off and get there. Whoever you are, being photographed at Fashion Week is a part of the experience. I mean how cool would it be to show up on Who What Wear?

The fashion industry does not have to be so exclusive, and girls don’t have to be mean. This was such a mean-girl move, they almost said “you can’t sit with us,” with their dramatic references to a “blogged-out” front row. Well guess what? We are sitting with you, so get used to it. Fashion bloggers are a huge part of the fashion industry and retail world as a whole, and we aren’t going anywhere. The people who follow hundreds of bloggers on Instagram are the same people excited to see the latest Vogue in their mailbox. I know, because I’m one of them. Next month, in between my full-time job and writing my next blog post, I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine and read the latest Vogue cover to cover. Maybe one day we’ll see a fashion blogger grace the pages inside.

xoxo Kasey






*No, you don’t actually pay Condé Nast specifically, but an unpaid internship in a city you don’t live in, is insane. The cost to rent an apartment on its own is astronomical.

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  1. Shelby wrote:

    I couldn’t believe that article when I read it. It was disgusting. The part that made me the most angry was when they questioned bloggers’ intelligence like none of us follow the election or anything. I don’t have any respect for that company and I certainly am not going to “find another business”. With all the negativity going on in our country, why would a large company like Vogue contribute even more negativity toward so many women? They are not who I thought. Way to go on writing this article!! xoxo

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
    • I know! I could write a whole other post on the intelligence part, that got way too personal. They of all people should know that just because you are interested in fashion doesn’t mean that you aren’t intelligent or don’t follow current events.

      Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  2. So glad you posted on this! I read it yesterday, and it was just frankly sad and embarrassing on the editors’ part. Who do they think bloggers are? We are entrepreneurs, business owners, and people who work at least 2 jobs in most cases. We are working our butts off to get to where we are too just like they are. And then they addressed bloggers getting paid to be there. Really? Editors get paid to be there too. It’s part of their job and salary. Unlike them, we don’t get a salary through blogging, so each “gig” is an opportunity to earn income.

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
    • You are so right! They are paid to be there just like us, and we all work out butts off to get there! I really made me mad when they acted like they were the only ones who work nights and weekends during fashion week because we do that every day!

      Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  3. Nataly wrote:

    I really can’t believe this article! I don’t understand why she would promote such a nasty message to those of us who have looked up to Vogue for years and years. Honestly, disgusted by this and the fact that she makes “us” look like the bad guys when all we want is to succeed just like her. Why can’t we all just get along?!

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
    • I totally agree! That’s exactly what I’m saying there is no reason to push us out, there is plenty of reoom in the fashion industry for all of us.

      Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  4. So well written Kasey. And so true. The “you can’t sit with us” mentality is a losing one. Thank you for your inspiring words! You’ve given me some new energy! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Xxx

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  5. Ashley wrote:

    Love everything you said! I couldn’t believe it when I heard about this article in Vogue. I totally agree that this was such a ‘mean girl’ move on their part, and they have definitely lost the respect of so many fashion-loving bloggers out there!

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  6. Such a great post! I am so sad to hear about this article. It’s such a shame that the fashion industry has to feed off such exclusivity. I personally have always supported Vogue and loved their content but I am disappointed to hear that they have such a negative perspective on the blogging community. Fashion bloggers are such positive and influential people. I personally make more of my purchases and get most of my inspiration from blogs now instead of the pages of magazines. I think this article speaks volumes for the panic they must be feeling seeing their industry being joined (not taken over) by bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing! Xo Bryn

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
    • Ifeel the same way, Bryn! I can’t buuy anything out of the magazine, it’s usualy just for inspiration. Thanks so much for reading!

      Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  7. AMEN, Kasey!!! Yes to it all!! This needs to go viral!!

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  8. Mollie wrote:

    Loved reading this! I worked so hard to attend NYFW this year, it’s not like we just woke up with a loyal following overnight! Myself, and all other bloggers there, deserved every second of it for how hard we work! And to question our intelligence as though we don’t keep up with the election and news? So disrespectful! I’m glad you wrote this article, keep working, you’ll make it to fashion week!



    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
    • Thank you so much Mollie! I totally understnd the work that goes into getting to NYFW, I couldn’t let the article go!

      Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  9. Nina wrote:

    So true! We should all respect each other and for all the hard work we all do, instead of put people down.

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  10. The article they came out with is absolutely ridiculous… They are obviously jealous.. I could literally go on all day about this. ha!

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
    • Me too! I couldn’t let it go without posting something. It took so much editing to get this to a readable, non-rant length!

      Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  11. Kasey, you are a champion for writing this! I SO appreciate your pouring your heart and your truth into these words. Everything you’ve penned here is absolutely true and so so important. Vogue should be ashamed. I’m so proud of what all of us “fashion bloggers” are trying to accomplish. Who run the world? Not Vogue, it’s fashion bloggers b@$!#

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  12. Bailey wrote:

    I was shocked when I read this article, so ignorant on them! Love your perspective!

    Here’s The Skinny

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  13. Kristina wrote:

    Wow! I saw a bigger blogger who kind of referenced the “pathetic” part in an Instagram and I didn’t know what that was all about, but now I get it. This article is horrible and disrespectful to say the least. Thanks for shedding light.

    xo, Kristina
    Medicine & Manicures

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  14. Dani wrote:

    Wow! What a mean girl thing to do. I am shocked this made the magazine. There is more than enough to around for everyone. Obvi Vogue sees bloggers as a threat. Thanks so much for sharing Kasey! xo
    Dani // http://www.daniellealexandra.com

    Posted 9.30.16 Reply
  15. Karen wrote:

    Great response! I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this article just seemed to want to knock people down and insult them. The overall vibe was so negative, probably won’t be buying next month’s vogue.

    Posted 10.1.16 Reply
    • I totally agree, it was a super negative way to present their frustrations. They just need to accept that the fashion industry is changing! Thanks for reading!

      Posted 10.1.16 Reply
  16. michenn wrote:

    Hmmm, I have a lot of different opinions about this and they are all over the place. In a way, I kind of get what Vogue is saying. The internet is waaay oversaturated with fashion bloggers and, being a blogger who attended NYFW, I saw this everywhere.
    That said, I don’t think Vogue’s article is going to change anything. I think it made a ripple in the blogger community, but life goes on and we’re still going to keep doing our thing. I mean there are a few bloggers out there that have made legit progress in their business (Hi Man Repeller!) and there will still be girls (or boys) that look up to them and want to emulate them. If anything, this article opened up a healthy discussion about the future of blogging!

    Posted 10.1.16 Reply
  17. I think their worried about the competition! Who needs to buy a magazine when you can get great fashion inspiration online? I like the mean girls comparison. So tru!

    Posted 10.1.16 Reply
  18. What a great perspective. We all work so very hard at what we do…an article like this can be super discouraging. Thanks so much for this post!

    Posted 10.1.16 Reply
  19. Such a great post, Kasey! It is really sad that they feel this way. What is so great about fashion bloggers is that we are all real people sharing how we style for real life for practical budgets. I love seeing Balmain and Givenchy, but that’s not practical for most of us. We will keep working hard for our passion and building relationships with our followers that I’m sure the people at Vogue don’t have!


    Posted 10.2.16 Reply
  20. Great post babe! I was disgusted by that article especially since I work in the fashion industry and worked at several magazines in the past two years. From my standpoint, previously working with these people, I think it was very hypocritical. Every thing they accused bloggers of doing was actually a reflection of themselves. They beg designers to borrow clothes, desperately want to sit front row and care so much about being shot for street style photos. I think they used their insecurities to project on fashion bloggers. Disgusting!


    Posted 10.2.16 Reply
  21. Honestly, I think Vogue is getting nervous that their print magazine might become irrelevant. They now need to have full time blogs AND a magazine due to how quickly content comes out. The just need to catch up to the time and realize blogger are here to stay!


    Posted 10.4.16 Reply