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I’m finally watching the Project Runway finale as I write this, I know, I’m behind. Obviously I found out who won, WWW let it slip in my Bloglovin’ feed. I have watched just about all of the seasons. Somehow it never gets boring, the design process facinates me. Moving onto today’s post; I was so excited to see the weather drop below the 70s this week! It finally feels appropriate to break out all of my flannels and vests!  Flannel shirts are one of my favorite items to throw on pieces in the fall, because they go with everything, including my pup! Internet, meet my dog, Elie. She’s a little camera shy.

Now let’s talk about this vest. I’ve had it for a couple years, and I am no less obsessed with it than when I first got it. I used to have a much more preppy style, but even now, I love wearing it because it’s a classic! You can never go wrong with Ralph Lauren!

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xoxo Kasey

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