Friday Favorites: 4.26.19

Kasey wears a Chicwish obmre dress that fades from orange to purple to blue on the bottom. It is perfect for a beach day! She's holding the sensuous smelling L'alique Amethyst Exquise fragrance sold at Neiman Marcus.

Welcome to my new series! I have tasked myself with posting more blog content, so the best way to do this was to come up with a series that I could stick with each week.

Friday Favorites will be my new series featuring things I’m loving this week. It’s also a great way for me to showcase some of the products I love to use without awkwardly posing with them on Instagram in a sponsored post. I can’t say that these will never be sponsored, but always know they will be authentically something I am loving.

Friday Favorites

Amethyst Exquise

I am so excited to tell you that I’m hosting an event TOMORROW (4.27.19) with L’alique to celebrate their new perfume launch! I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks and it smells amazing! Plus, I love all things purple because amethyst is my birthstone!

Where: Neiman Marcus, Northpark Mall
When: 1-4pm
What: Celebrate the launch of L’alique’s newest perfume, Amethyst Exquise. Come meet me and enjoy some sips. When you purchase a large Amethyst Exquise, get a L’alique L’amour 30mL.

The Hundred

I recently started watching this post-apocalyptic show on Netflix and I am SO into it. What? You aren’t watching Game of Thrones with everyone else? Nope, never started it.
Anyways this show is about a hundred kids on the space station, where all of humanity is thought to reside, were sent to Earth to see if the planet is now livable again. They discover they aren’t alone and have to work together to save their people.
Who will like it? The CW show is a cross between Maze Runner and XX. The best part is they’re still making new seasons! Season 6 airs on CW next week, April 30 and they’ve already been renewed for Season 7! Click here to add it to your watch list.

Jordan 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon

I was invited to an event this week by my friend Amanda as her plus 1 to celebrate the launch of Jordan Winery’s 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon, their new vintage wine aged 100% in French Oak. I’m a red wine girl at heart, so I was in my element with the 18L bottle and wine luge. Yes, WINE LUGE. After we got to the restaurant we were shuttled to the home of Chef Kent Rathbun who is a four-time-nominated Beard Award nominee and Iron Chef America winner with his brother and fellow chef against Bobby Flay. We had the most amazing food and of course wine! You can purchase this wine on May 1.

Moroccan Oil

I love trying new hair products, and I recently received a few Moroccan Oil PR packages. I’ve been using the shampoo, conditioner, and oil for over a month, and though I wasn’t sure about the consistency at first, I really love how it makes my hair feel! Especailly since I just colored my hair, I really need to keep it moisturized, so the oil is perfect.

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