Friday Favorites: 5.24.19

We’re almost to the long weekend and all I can think about is brunch, sales, and pool days! In just a few hours we’ll be home free for the weekend and ready to paaarrrrtttayyyy! Before that happens, I’ve rounded up some of my favorites for the week! I’m a little late posting today because, to be honest, I forgot all about it, but I’m determined to keep this a consistent series!

Friday Favorites


I’ve been using this skincare line for a few months now and I am loving it! I have decent skin and take medication for acne, so it’s really hard for me to judge skincare unless it does something awful to my face. However, I really like how the whole set works together and I really notice a difference when I use it vs when I was traveling and didn’t take it all with me. I haven’t noticed any little pimples pop up since using it (with the medication, some still slip through).

Abercrombie & Fitch Swim

I grabbed this swimsuit before we went to Orlando a few months ago. I still get weird looks when I tell people that I shop there now, but here’s the thing. They re-branded a few years ago and they are killing it. No more obnoxious logos, low rise jeans still cover your butt, and you don’t choke down copious amounts of perfume when you walk in the door anymore.

I met the now CEO, Fran Horowitz in college when she was the Cheif Merchandising Officer. She was also the mother of a girl I was on the executive board of the fashion club with, so it was really cool to see her rise and absolutely crush it with the “new” Abercrombie & Fitch branding and styles.

They now have tons of great styles reminiscent of the old days, but much more size inclusive and with the styles and fits of the times. I usually feel way too old to shop at the same stores I shopped at in high school, but somehow Abercrombie doesn’t make me feel that way (looking at you, American Eagle), so back to my original point. They have great swimwear and most of it is 50% off this weekend so you should check it out!

Superdown Skorts

In my opinion, skorts are a highly underrated item of clothing. I used to think of them as old and out of touch because I wore tons when I was a kid, but now I’m her for them. Skorts are a genius piece of clothing because you can be active and ride those dumb Bird scooters all around town without worrying that you’ll flash everyone in your dress or skirt. Plus you can go shorter and still be appropriate because they’re actually shorts!

Superdown is a new brand sold at Revolve and on their own website that is considered fast fashion and at the top of thier game. Aimed at fashionable Gen Z’ers, but I like to think I’m cool enough to wear it too. Actually I am under the impression that I discovered Superdown, because back in early March, I placed an order from Revolve that was 100% Superdown, unintentionally, shared it with my Instagram audience, and then was one of thier first 100 Instagram followers when their page was still private. So, BOOM. It was me. (Kidding, I hope y’all don’t think I’m that conceited. Just very sarcastic.)

Anyways I love how their pieces fit and love love love these skorts. I have it in 2 colors and am equally obsessed with both. Be prepared to see me living in them this summer.

New Seasons on Netflix!

This is probably the most exciting part of the post. Guys. New seasons are on Netflix! I’m so excited, part of me just wants to hole up on the couch and binge watch all weekend, but that’s not going to happen because the pool is calling!

Here is what’s on my watch list:

Arrow (season 7)
The Flash (season 5)
Legacies yes I have a thing for superhero shows, ok? (currently on season 2)
Ozark (Not new, but we still have to catch up on the second season!)
Riverdale (season 3)


Disney’s The Nutcracker and The Four Realms (I never saw it!)

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing that much in this Friday Favorites, so I’ll just leave you with these four Favorites today! What’s on your Netflix watch list? Is there anything you think I’m missing? Tell me in the comments below!

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