Friday Favorites: 5.3.19

Sale Shopping: Where to Get the Best Deals | Running in Heels | Loft styled outfit for spring. Wearing a white polka dot blouse with denim shorts, a straw clutch, and black mules!

Woohoo! Two weeks in a row with the new series, AND I posted twice on the blog this week. I guess all I had to do was set a goal for myself! OK this week was more prep for NYC and I started a new freelance client! I used to run the Social Media department for a local agency, and at one point I was running 15 social media accounts- absolutely crazy. So now I limit myself so I can actually focus on them, give them enough time and energy, and my own business.

It was supposed to rain all week, but thankfully it didn’t! Hopefully that will continue on through the weekend and it will be beautiful for our friends’ wedding. It’s cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby this weekend, too so we’ve got a lot to look forward to! This week I wore my favorite shoes, got a new doormat, and went to the movies, I’m talking about all of them below and more!

Friday Favorites

Pandora Charm Bracelets

This is a great Mother’s Day gift! If you haven’t gotten your mom a gift yet, check out these bracelets. I now have two because I filled up my first one, and I think my mom is on her third! We love getting her charms to commemorate events or trips we’ve taken together. It’s a great way to symbolize big moments and memories in life in a fashionable way!

Avengers: Endgame

Kale and I saw the new movie on Wednesday night. I did really like it and even shed a few tears at the end. I’m no movie critic, so I’ll leave you with my simple thoughts: I enjoyed all of the cameos, there were great effects (as always), but I was super disappointed with Thor. He’s hilarious, but I missed his bod. Finally, I was super disappointed, but not all too surprised that they didn’t have an extra scene at the end of the credits.

Mystic Tans at Palm Beach Tan

Since I started spray tanning I’ve been a Versa Pro girl. Primarily because that’s what was recommended to me when I walked in the first day, and well, if it’s not broke…

I was challenged to try some of the other options and I was so excited to find out that I loved those too! The Mystic Tan sprays 4xs but there’s only 2 positions. Versa Pro on the other hand does 4 sprays for 4 positions. Mystic also offers an accelerator option (to set the tan quicker) and a variety of bronzer combinations and the salon has a handy card to help you choose the best options with your skin tone.

Mules for the Summer

You’ve already seen these shoes several times on Instagram by now, and guys. I’m obsessed. I couldn’t resist buying them when DSW had a sale. I bought two color options with the intent to return one, but that didn’t happen and now I have them in the black with polka dot ribbon and neutral/blush with a floral ribbon. Between the two pairs I think I’m set for the summer since they’ll match just about everything!

Our New Doormat

When Kale and I moved in together, I tossed my old floral doormat thinking we’d get one together. Well… it’s been an entire year, and I just got one. We looked a few times but never loved the selection, so we went without. Not a big deal, but it’s a nice adornment to the cement outside the apartment.

However, when I saw this doormat I knew I had to have it. I have a thing for llamas and alpacas, so this doormat was just screaming my name. It was even better that it was on sale + extra sale on top of that. Now I smile every time I come or go because there’s a happy llama looking at me. It took the dogs a minute to get used to it though! I linked mine below from a different retailer, and a few other llama doormats, plus a hedgehog because it’s cute.

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