Friday Favorites: 6.7.19

Another week over already? How did this week go by so quickly!? I’m writing this before hopping out to happy hour with my friend, Amanda. I’m writing a new blog post including some great places for happy hour in Dallas, and naturally had to test them all out first! You can look for that post early next week!

This week was full of fun new products and experiences, and I can’t wait to share below!

Friday Favorites

Dallas Museum of Art: Dior From Paris to the World

I had the amazing opportunity to tour the Dior: From Paris to the World exhibit this week. It was so incredible to see so many styles and designs from each of the Art Directors of this iconic brand. When you first walk into the exhibit there is a large white wall showing muslins of some of the original designs of Dior. Directly across from that walls is a case showing some of Christian Dior’s original designs and sketches. I love to see how the pieces develop from inception to creation. The next rooms show a collection of pieces from each of the Art Directors and then some pieces which are obviously derived from Monet and O’Keefe, among so many others.

I love how fashion is inspired by art, and then fashion then inspires models and photographers to create art again. It’s an amazing cycle of beauty and creation. I used to study these cycles all the time in college, and being in this exhibit made me realize that inspiration is just a few blocks away at the DMA.

While the DMA is free, you do have to purchase tickets to the exhibit. Buy your tickets here.

Essie Nail Polish: Summer Collection

Last week I spend Friday afternoon with Essie at the cutest nail salon in Dallas, Verbena, celebrating National Nail Polish Day! I walked in, unsure if I was in the right place because the front part is also a coffee shop serving coffee and espresso drinks plus beer and wine, while the back is the salon part which is also super adorable.

I got a manicure using a combo of Essie’s new and classic colors. The Summer 2019 collection was inspired by the streets and dances of Argentina. My peach color was appropriately named “In full swing”. This same color polish has been on my nails for 2 weeks because I love the summer vibes! You’ll see much more of it, I can guarantee it!

Hairspray That Doesn’t Crunch

Guys, I didn’t think this existed. Honestly, I just stopped looking. But I found it, and by total accident. I got this hairspray while visiting Alison Brod PR when I was in NYC, and I’m obsessed. It’s humidity resistant and NON-crunchy, which is another way of saying flexible, but I needed to stress my point. I wore it all day and it held in my flyaways on a super humid rainy day (welcome to Dallas spring). Literally could not be happier about this totally accidental find. Thanks, Alison Brod for opening up my eyes to this L’oreal spray!

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