Getting that Bikini Body

Hi Friends! My apologies for being a day late on my Motivation Monday post (apparently my Monday was lacking in motivation). However, I promised to let you know what workout I chose, and so here it is: I chose the POPSUGAR Bikini Body Workout Plan! There is a good balance of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), running, yoga, and other activities to keep it interesting. I love the HIIT workouts because they are only 20-30 minutes long. These particular HIIT workouts make sure you use a lot of muscles all over your body, which is completely necessary for getting in bikini body shape! I can do them from home and don’t have to go to a gym, ao far they have only required that I not annoy my downstairs neighbor by jumping too much. They require little equipment and I can do them anywhere. I’m not sure why, but I have never been a gym person. I prefer to use my body weight for strengthening or run outside. My biggest issue with this is my dogs trying to join in!

My favorite thing after trying a new workout is being sore the next day because that tells me it is working! I have been sore after the HIIT workouts, so the yoga helps to stretch out and keep strengthening as I recover. For the running, I like to take the dogs when I can, so I did not do the negative splits on the treadmill (see above where I hate gyms and times that by ten with treadmills, you aren’t going anywhere!). However, I did get an interesting workout with the pups because running with one dog who gets bored and occasionally stops without warning and the puppy who starts sprinting without warning and doesn’t know how to move in straight lines is a strange type of interval training and unintentional weird arm workout when you’re trying to maintain a pace so you don’t get run over by the people behind you.

To be completely honest, I should have started this plan a month or two ago to be truly bikini ready since It’s hot and sunny here in Texas already. However, for those of you up north, this is the perfect time to start! Get that bikini body with me! This is a great workout for anyone at any level. It’s not too hard, but I still feel like I’m getting a great workout. There are even videos that explain modifications if you need them for any of the moves. Let me know if you are doing this workout with me and how your progress is going in the comments, on Snapchat (kasey_lynn18), or by email. I’d love to help!

Additionally, I’m going to start snapping more of my workouts and try to show more than just my pups, but they’re cute so no promises. If you aren’t following me on Snapchat do it now!

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.26.45 PMbikini body workout

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