Holiday Shopping: 5 Home Decor Gift Ideas from Serena & Lily and More

Home Decor Gift Ideas from Serena & Lily

Tis the season for gifting and decorating your home! It seems like every Reel and post on Instagram I see is of a beautifully decorated home. Meanwhile, I’m sitting in my bare living room 5 months into my new home trying to stop comparing and remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So, I have a lot of home items on my Christmas list from Serena and Lily and other awesome home retailers!

The Best Home Decor Gift Ideas from Serena & Lily and More:

Milo Alpaca Throw

I love a cozy blanket, and I curl up with my alpaca throw from Serena and Lily all the time! I love the soft material and chic look on the couch or bed. And I love the cream, but it does attract a lot of my dog’s hair (who are black) so, if you have puls I’d recommend a darker color!

If the Serena and Lily throw is out of your price range, Shopbop home has a bunch of great throw options at varying price points!

Coffee Table Books

I love adding books as decor. I dream of having my own library one day! There are so many different styles and genres to suit your preferences. Though they need to look good if you’re using them as decor, you can still find amazing stories and interesting biographies or informative history. You can choose your coffee table books by a theme, color, or even genre.

Cutting and Serving Boards

Since buying our first house, and planning our wedding we’ve had so many people over and I’ve been realizing how many things we’re missing for entertaining and serving meals and snacks! We’ve never had enough room for much company, so I’m having so much fun showing off our new home, and each time people come over I have new serving pieces! We already received these gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright pieces from our registry, and I added more favorites below!


Mirrors have become a staple in home decor, so I love the idea of receiving or giving one as a gift! Serena and Lily have too many beautiful styles to choose just one, but I linked some of my favorites below! I especially love the Cyprus Bone Inlay Mirror and round Wave Mirror.


Some people think that candles are a cop-out gift, but personally, I love candles. I burn them often, plus I love really nice candles and they can get pricy! You can also use candles as decor, I love these Ligne Blanch Andy Warhol Cambell candles and these Missoni Home ones! There’s a reason candles are on every gift guide- they’re such a great gift! If you know a certain brand or scent the person you’re buying for likes, that is perfect, but if not, I’ll share some fan favorites as well as some of my own.

Shop my Favorite Home Decor Gift Ideas:

5 Home Decor Gift Ideas from Serena & Lily

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