How I Scored My Superstars


Today I am really excited to tell you about how I scored my sold-out-everywhere Adidas Superstar sneakers.

I was mostly looking for comfortable shoes in December that I could wear around Disney World on vacation. I usually wear my Converse All Stars to places like that, but I was hoping to switch it up and go with something a little more on trend. I started looking around, and fell in love with the Adidas Superstar sneakers. Naturally, I fall in love with the unattainable, whether it’s physical or financial, it never fails. This time it was physical, they were sold out everywhere! I thought I hit the jackpot when I finally found them after weeks of searching on Nordstrom’s website. They were back ordered but still supposed to arrive right before my trip. I was ecstatic! When they arrived early, I was beyond excited until I tried them on. They turned out to run a size and a half too big and went back to the store.

When I get excited about something I don’t stop until I have it. (Which is how I ended up with a puppy.) I found myself refreshing webpages and constantly looking for another pair. The actual Adidas site kept showing me the kids and baby shoes when I searched, and it took a while before I realized I could probably try the kids instead. Plus, they were ten dollars cheaper than the adult sizes and look identical, because they are. Boom, ordered, they came just in the nick of time for my trip! I got really lucky with my timing and these shoes were a fantastic purchase. I couldn’t be happier with them!





Size Guide:

I wear a size 7 and have a wide foot, although customer service recommended I get the kids size 6, I ended up buying those and the 5, because I was not going to have the wrong size again. The 5 fit much better, although the heels were still a bit loose so my sister taught me a cool way to lace them so it tightens that problem area up as well.

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kasey

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