How to Do Messy Curls on Medium Hair: a Step by Step Tutorial

How to Do Messy Curls on Medium Hair: a Step by Step Tutorial featueed by top Dallas beauty blogger, Running in Heels.

When I go into the office, I curl my hair about every day. I love this style because it’s easy, lasts a while, and looks cute and effortless. Curls have long been my go-to, but the length of my hair typically depends on the type of curls I do. With this length, from medium to long, I love this style.

This technique is really simple and was taught to me straight from my hairdresser, Hair X Brittany. She is amazing and I’ve been going to her for years!

How to Do Messy Curls on Medium Hair

Messy Curls Step 1: Prep Your Hair

Brush out your hair and make sure there aren’t any tangles. Spray with dry shampoo to rid your hair from oils and add texture to hold curls. I do not like to curl perfectly clean hair because it doesn’t hold curls as well, so the dry shampoo works for both texture and keeping your hair fresh.

Messy Curls Step 2: Apply Heat Protection

Separate the bottom section and clip the rest up out of the way. Spray the loose layer with heat protectant spray. I love this Moroccan Oil Spray!

Messy Curls Step 3: Curl

Curl your hair by taking one-inch sections at a time. Start on one side of your face and work your way around. The pieces closest to your face should be curled away from your face, and the others around your head should alternate directions to give it more of a tousled look.

Messy Curls Step 4: Repeat

Repeat the previous two steps until your whole head is curled separating sections as you go.

Messy Curls Step 5: Comb Out Curls

Wait about 5 minutes so your curls cool down. Then, finger comb through your curls to separate. Spray with texture spray so they don’t come back together and you have more volume. Finally, add hairspray to hold the look.

Watch my Messy Curls on Medium Hair Tutorial, Click Play!

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