How To Get More Volume In Your Hair

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair - Pantene - Running In Heels Blog
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I love having long hair, but at times, the length weighs it down. When my hair looks flat it’s an immediate bad hair day and I throw on a hat. Over the years I have come up with a ton of hacks to create extra volume, but it usually fails after only a few minutes. I decided that enough was enough with the tricks and products that didn’t work. I’m making a change for good! Aiming for more great hair days, I swapped my shampoo and conditioner with Pantene’s Sheer Volume Collection and took the 14 Day Challenge!

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair

Take the Pantene 14 Day Challenge

First, click here to get your perfect recommendation from Pantene’s hair advisor. I have fine hair that is lacking volume so I was advised to use the New Pantene Sheer Volume Collection. Next use the shampoo and conditioner regularly (keep to your normal schedule). Use for 14 days and you should see a great difference in your hair! My hair was feeling and looking heavy and flat, before I started the 14 Day Challenge.

During the first week, I started to notice my hair feeling lighter and looking less deflated. It was looking less greasy on day 2 after washing. I was definitely having fewer bad hair days. In the second week I started noticing a few other issues going away.  Prior to the 14 Day Challenge, my hair would struggle to keep it’s shape after I styled it. In days 7-14 my curls were holding for longer and looking better. My damaged pieces even started looking smoother! Now, after finishing the challenge, I’m having so many great hair days now that I have shiny voluminous hair. With great hair days comes so much more confidence! 

How to Use the Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

When I was younger, my mom insisted that I wash my hair everyday because she thought that was what you were supposed to do. It took a lot of hair training to get to the point of not having to wash it every day. I now wash my hair with the Pantene Sheer Volume Collection every 1-2 days to avoid excessive dry shampoo build up. 

Unlike other volumizing shampoos I’ve tried, the Pantene Sheer Volume Shampoo washes out cleanly and leaves my hair feeling light and airy. Just wet hair thoroughly and massage the shampoo into your scalp. Focus the shampoo at the roots where most of the oil, dirt, and residue resides. Rinse out the shampoo and move onto the conditioner.

Do not skip the conditioner! Many times women leave this step out for fear it will make their hair greasy or oily. When using, apply it mid-length to start then work it through the lengths of your hair from root to tip, because your hair faces environmental stress from both ends. I am guilty of only conditioning the ends of my hair fearing greasy roots on day 2. However, I’ve started conditioning up to my roots every other time I condition so that my hair still receives the benefits of the new Pantene Sheer Volume Conditioner.

Do not over-rinse. Apparently this is an issue that can leave hair feeling coarse or dry. I often have this problem in the winter. When it’s cold, I tend to take extra-long showers not wanting to leave the hot water. I thought it was the cold air making my hair dry, but thinking back, it was squeaky and hard to comb through after my showers as well, which is a sign of over-rinsing your conditioner. According to Pantene, conditioner should only take about 30 seconds to wash out. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your hair is feeling limp or heavy, you may not be rinsing well enough.

How to Style to Achieve the Most Volume

I try to do a few no-heat days a week styling a messy bun or braid, but sometimes it is unavoidable. I usually shower at night and let my hair air-dry, but on occasion I need to use the blow dryer before styling. Whenever I do need to blow-dry my hair, I try to wait until my hair is dried at least half-way before using heat. 

When using the hair dryer don’t hold it right up against your hair. You also don’t need to use the highest heat setting. Contrary to popular belief, higher heat will not actually make your hair dry faster. I use the middle heat setting and flip my hair to the opposite side part starting to dry at the roots, to promote added volume when styling. Make sure your hair is dried completely before using additional hot tools! I typically curly may hair with a 1in barrel. When curling I start at the front and pin up a few of the top layers (in old velcro roller style) to add volume and get it to hold.

How to Maintain Healthy Voluminous Hair

Continue to use the shampoo and conditioner that works! There is no evidence that proves your products lose their effect after a many uses. Additionally, continue to use your shampoo and conditioner as a set. They are tested together and work as a team. Mixing and matching brands could product negative results! So I encourage you to find your perfect shampoo and conditioner that gives you the added confidence that comes from a great hair day by using Pantene’s hair advisor here!

Day 1

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair - Pantene - Running In Heels Blog

Day 7

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair - Pantene - Running In Heels Blog

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair - Pantene - Running In Heels Blog


Day 14

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair

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  1. Megan wrote:

    I was just looking this up. Lol. I love these ideas and I will be for sure trying these out. Thank you so much for posting these amazing ideas.

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    • Thanks so much Megan! I am so glad this post helped!

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  2. miriam wrote:

    you hair is gorgeous! i have always been a huge fan of pantene!

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  3. I need this like yesterday. Your hair looks fabulous though.


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  4. Danielle wrote:

    Although my hair is on the thicker side, I’m always looking for a volume boost! This sounds great.

    xx, Danielle

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  5. ashley hargrove wrote:

    You seriously have the best hair ever!! Pantene products have been a favorite of mine for years and years!!

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  6. Ada wrote:

    Your hair is pretty! I need to try Pantene.

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  7. Laura Leigh wrote:

    Seriously need to try this! I desperately need more volume in my hair!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

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    • It is the best! I use it every time I wash my hair now!

      Posted 11.18.18 Reply
  8. It’s been a long time since I’ve used Pantene products. I need to get my hands on them again.

    Posted 10.28.18 Reply
    • They are so great and very consistent with what I’ve always known!

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  9. Anna English wrote:

    Your hair always looks fabulous! I’m a huge fan of pantene!

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