How To Organize Bathroom Drawers

bathroom drawer organization

I try my best to keep my drawers organized and tidy but with the small spaces, they tend to get cluttered, messy, and overflow quickly. Keeping bathroom drawers organized is the best way for a quick and efficient getting ready or bedtime routine. You need to know where everything is for smooth and unhectic processes. Small things like making sure you only have items you use on hand, and your skincare products altogether will speed up your routine, and keep you calm. I’m sharing more tips on how to organize your bathroom drawers and keep them that way below!

Bathroom Drawer Organization Ideas

Depending on your storage, vanity, drawer size, and daily product use, your bathroom drawers will look very different from the next person’s. However, I’m sharing some basic tips for keeping everything easily accessible in a bathroom drawer system no matter your space or needs. Organizing is building a system. There is a simple and clear process to getting there, so, this post will have similar tips as my post sharing walk-in closet organization.

I happen to have two very tiny drawers in my bathroom vanity, so I’m working with very little space. I can only include absolute necessities, and everything else goes to backstock in my linen closet. Larger bottles end up under the sink in the cabinet, or on the counter for easy access, but if I had deeper drawers, I would store my skincare in there together. You can see more ideas for how I organize beauty products in the bathroom here! I will share my process as well as some options for those of you lucky enough to have more drawer space than me!

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How To Organize Bathroom Drawers

Remove Everything

Assuming you are not starting with a completely blank slate, step 1 is to empty your un-organized bathroom drawers. You can’t organize your bathroom drawers without knowing what you already have! Pull everything out so you can clearly see your space, evaluate what you have, and assess your needs. When organizing this is a crucial step in the process.


Evaluate your products and everything in your drawers. Do you really need it all? Do you actually use it regularly? This is always the hardest part for me. I like to have all of my ‘what if’ situations in front of me and accessible, but it’s not practical with small spaces. Throw out anything old or expired. Put everything you don’t use regularly and any refills in a backstock pile. If you have a linen closet or indoor storage you can grab an extra basket or bin to hold these for you to ‘shop’ from when you finish a product.

Clean First

Since your drawers are now empty, this is a great time to clean them out and start fresh. Grab a vacuum and get all of the makeup pieces, hair, and millions of lost bobby pins out. Then, wipe the drawers down with a wipe or cloth.

Group Like Items

Find your pile of times going back into the drawers and start grouping like items. Keep your skincare together, hair products, and accessories. Tools like tweezers, face rollers, and nail clippers can be grouped together. I always keep my Nuface handy with the gel in this section too!

Find Organizing containers

For makeup, you can find some smaller containers, I like one for my pencils, and pencil-shaped products like liquid blush, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow sticks, mascara, and eye pencils are great to hold my everyday products. A small square container is perfect for a mini brush and beauty blender. Cups or jars are great for makeup brushes if you have a deeper drawer so they can stand up.

I love a large, sectioned-off container for hair products. I keep claw clips in the large section, hair pins and hair ties in separate smaller sections, and scrunchies and headbands in other small sections. This is currently under my sink, but if I had a drawer this would fit in, that would be preferable!

Skincare can go in a large bin container. Mostly just to hold it all together so it doesn’t roll around in the drawer. Smaller sections or containers are great for your smaller items like eye creams, jars, and lip balms.

Keep Everyday Items Handy

Nothing is worse than needing to run out the door quickly in the morning and you can’t find your sunscreen. It has happened to me more times than I can count, and I finally reorganized to make sure everything I needed regularly was visible and ready to grab.

Replace With BackStock

As you run through items and have empties, replace them with your back stock. You probably have so much more than you think you do, so this idea of shopping your own closet will help save some money too!

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