How to Organize Beauty Products in Bathroom

How to Organize Beauty Products in Bathroom

I love beauty products, but always end up with an abundance of them taking over my bathroom countertops and overflowing out of drawers and bins. I decided to go through what I had, purge, and re-organize my products to keep some semblance of order in the bathroom. Keeping products organized saves me time and energy in the morning when getting ready knowing exactly where everything I need is at keeping the necessities at my fingertips. Not only do I want an organized space, but as I talked about in this post, How to Organize a Walk-In Closet, functional systems streamline your life and help you stay organized. In this post, I am sharing creative ways to organize your beauty products in the bathroom.

How to Organize Beauty Products in the Bathroom


There is no sense in trying to organize things you don’t need and will never use. They are a waste of space! Purge those products that were gifted but make your skin itch, the colors that don’t work for you, and the ones that just smell funny.

Organize Your Products By Type

Pull everything you have out onto an open space. I spilled my cabinets and drawers out onto the bathroom floor and started separating items by type. Nail products, skincare, bath, and hair. I have a bin for bath bombs, salts, and face masks because I use them at the same time. I have another for hair products, with my most-used products like detangler at the front, and hairspray and heat styling cream at the back. And I also have a container for my curling iron, blow dryer, and other tools in the back to keep the cords out of the way, but if I curled my hair every day instead of working from home I may swap that to the front pushing my claw clips further back. Design the space that makes sense for you and your lifestyle.

Separate Duplicates and Refills

Pull out any backup items and refills you have for when my current products run out. Those are great to have on hand, but you don’t need them stored with your everyday items. I currently have all of my surplus and backfill items in my guestroom linen closet. This keeps them out of the way and I can fill the spaces in my bathroom with items I will use now.

Invest in Organization Containers

I am no professional organizer, and though I know it will look best if my products all match, I am most concerned about having holders for my product groups. So invest in whatever you like, or find something you already have, but you do need some containers. I have a basket, and some plastic bins, I even thought about adding a lazy Susan into the mix which may be a great option for a skincare routine if you don’t keep it on the counter!

I love bins with different sections in them for my smaller items like makeup. That way one section holds my lipsticks, another eye pencils, etc. I also have small makeup bags to help hold travel products. In fact, I travel a lot for work and love that I can just grab and go with that little pre-prepped bag. I could, arguably keep it elsewhere, but it fits under the sink pipes in the back out of the way until I need it.

Keep Daily Items in Your Top Drawers

My drawers in our bathroom cabinet are tiny, so I can only fit small products inside. I keep my daily makeup inside the top right drawer because that is what I will reach for the most. My top left drawer holds other small products like eye cream, face oil, and vitamins keeping them easily accessible. Everything else that isn’t out on top, goes underneath into the cabinet space.

Clear Your Counters

As best you can, clear off your counter space, it is so necessary to keep counters as clear as possible because they can get out of hand fast. However, I am very much out of sight, out of mind, with my face routine, so I do have to keep my facewash, serums, moisturizer, etc on the counter.

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