How To Rehydrate Skin Quickly

how to rehydrate skin quickly
The weather in Dallas has been yo-yo-ing so much lately and my skin can’t keep up! As soon as the temperatures drop, my skin dries out, and it isn’t a good look. Additionally I travel a lot this time of year, so the airplanes alone can wreak havoc on my skin’s hydration. It’s usually a nightmare, but this season I’ve found a solution from Olay, in their new Mists, which not only hydrate my skin quickly, but also helps energize or calm me depending on the scents I use.

All About Skin Hydration

What Dehydrates Your Skin

Dehydrated skin quite literally means that your skin is lacking water. There are several ways your skin can be dehydrated, and many are preventable. The weather is the big one that we all just have to deal with. When it’s hot, cold, dry, or even windy we’ve all felt like we need more lotion or Chapstick! This time of year is the worst because in Texas, we could have all of that in one day!

I’m notorious for taking super-hot long showers, but the heat takes a toll on my skin for sure. I end up using buckets of lotion to keep up between my hot showers and cranking up the heat in the winter. I get really sensitive skin this time of year, so I try even harder to take care of it!

Sometimes you could have dry flaky, or oily skin because of your skincare routine, or what you eat and drink. Your diet is also very important to keeping hydrated skin. Too much alcohol or caffeine can really dry out your skin. Stick with fruits and vegetables that have a high water content, or foods with fatty acids like almonds! Make sure what you’re using is right for your skin type. Luckily brands like Olay make different lines for everyone!

The sun also dries you out which is why it’s important to wear moisturizer and SPF, not just one or the other, even in the winter! The sun is still affecting your skin, even if you don’t see it. It’s UVA and UVB are there, damaging your skin.

Of course, the last and least preventable reason your skin gets dehydrated is age. Unfortunately, Olay hasn’t figured out how to stop time yet (but have a few products that really help the cause), until they do, we’ll all age and our skin follows that path as well.

The Importance of Skin Hydration

When your skin gets dehydrated, it actually produces more oil, creating that shiny, greasy, and overall unattractive look. If your skin is dry it typically shows more finer lines and wrinkles that no one wants! Those circles under your eyes aren’t just from going to bed late, your skin can look more sunken in from not receiving enough hydration. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also feel better. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and it’s estimated to be made up of around 64% water.

When your skin is hydrated, you’ll have a better glow about you, and not coincidentally, you’ll also have less really oily days and fewer acne pimples. Something that always amazes me, is that when I use more hydrating products, my skin produces fewer natural oils because I’m giving it what it needs. It is absolutely not true that if you have oily skin you should not or need not moisturize. It’s actually the exact opposite. When your skin is moisturized, you’ll even appear to age slower since those fine lines won’t come out!

How To Rehydrate The Skin On Your Face Quickly

Aside from the obvious solution of drinking more water (which we should all be doing) you need to also need to hydrate your body from the outside in. Why not start with your face? Olay created brand new Olay Hydrating Mists that I’ve been using for the last few weeks. There are two essences, the energizing mist and calming mist. I love both and use them differently.

Both of the mists absorb quickly and the sprays really fine droplets, so your face never looks wet and the mist is so incredibly light, it doesn’t mess with your make up. On a typical day, I’ll start with my normal skincare routine by washing my face with lukewarm water. After I moisturize, I take my Olay Mist and spray twice unless it’s super-hot (as Texas is known for in the summer) I might double up my sprays or use the mist more often throughout the day.

When I use them my skin is instantly hydrated and moisturized, I feel like I used a hydrating mask without the act of actually doing so. Constantly refreshing my skin with the mists means I’m also preventing the buildup of dead skin cells and enhancing my skin’s natural moisture.

Energizing Olay Mist

I use Olay’s Energizing Olay Mist on days when I’m out and about and have a lot to do. I’ll first spritz it on before I leave the house to help set my make-up and wake me up for the day. While I’m out and about I usually notice my skin getting dry around noon, so I’ll spray again around lunchtime. If it’s hot out, I spray four times to help cool me down and let the Vitamin C give me more energy! I love how it makes my skin look instantly brighter and I look and feel more awake!

Calming Olay Mist

The calming mist is the opposite of the energizing mist, because of the chamomile extract and aloe leaf in it. It gives off a more calming scent and you feel more relaxed. I love to take this one with me when I travel. It’s the perfect spritz when I get on and off a plane to help calm my anxiety and hydrate my skin after all of that recycled air. I also love using this one on days spent at home when I’m relaxing and having a “me” day. It’s great because while this one also hydrates my skin, it gives me a nice great serene glow.


As I get older skincare is so important. I’m realizing that preventative measures for anti-aging are only going to help me now! Skin care products that hydrate are going to be the best thing for your skin as we get older. Lucking keeping your skin hydrated isn’t too taxing. Olay Mists can be found at Target for a great price, shop them below!

how to rehydrate skin quickly

how to rehydrate skin quickly

Olay MIst

Olay Mist - Running in Heels

Olay Mist

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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