How To Style Brown Pants

Brown pants outfit, smart casual look with white button down, Chloe Woody tote bag, and suede loafers.

I’m not sure if brown pants ever went out of style, but they are certainly everywhere this fall. Brown pants can go with everything from neutrals to bright colors and I love the versatility of them. There are so many ways to wear them, I styled them for multiple different dress codes for every season! These are just base outfits that can go in so many additional directions with more colors and styles. Below you’ll find 16 outfits with brown pants to copy and wear.

Brown Pants Outfits

In this post, I styled two pairs for this post because I love the brown pant style! These Madewell Harlowe wide-leg pants come in tons of colors and two shades of brown. While the dark brown pants were great, I loved the light brown color, acorn. The other was this older pair of plaid slacks, H&M cropped slacks (currently out of stock in brown), these are really similar. While they aren’t gold sequin joggers, the pair of brown pants in this post are so fun to style!

The Madewell wide leg pant is a tencel, cotton blend and therefore more casual. They can be worn to work from causal to business casual, but they can not be worn in a business professional environment. The slacks are an obvious choice for a more professional environment. I styled them all the was from casual to an elevated business casual here. With some looks I will note where you can add a blazer to elevate even further, but for a true business professional, you’ll need a suit, suit dress, and always a jacket. I don’t personally have many business professional clothes right now since I work from home and don’t need them! I work in advertising with is generally pretty casual as far as work environments go, but I don’t think many offices are enforcing a business professional dress code anymore.

I love the versatility of brown pants they are easy to match with both neutrals and bright colors. If you’ve been around here you know I prefer neutral colors but I did sneak in a few colors to wear for options! I also styled outfits for all seasons showing the range of brown pants!

How To Style Brown Pants

Below I’m sharing outfit ideas for styling brown pants. Before we do, here are my definitions, following generally accepted definitions of dress:

Casual: Generaly clothing that can be worn in the office but can easily transition outside the office to run errands or meet friends. T-shirts, sneakers, jeans are all acceptable and can even be worn together. There aren’t a ton of rules here except if we’re talking office dress, just remember to not be too revealing, shorts are never acceptable, and well-fitting clothing will always improve your look.

Smart Casual: A step above casual, smart casual adds an element of style, layering multiple pieces. You can still wear sneakers at this level, but they must be clean, and styled with clean lines and well tailored items. At this level you may add more blazers and jackets to your style. T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers are acceptable, but not all-together, mix them in with more elevated pieces like slacks or blazers.

Business Casual: In today’s world, this gets confused with Smart Casual often. While jeans are acceptable in most cases now, you should be dressing them up with blouses, sweater, or heels.

Elevated Business Casual: Transparently, I think I made this up for the sake of this post since I wasn’t planning on sharing business professional. This is the yesteryear version of business casual where jeans aren’t allowed, but it’s a step below suits.

Business Professional: Business Professional dress requires a jacket and is almost always a full suit or professional dress oftentimes with a jacket.

Casual Spring

I love these pants for a spring outfit. I added a pop of color with this pink color shirt and added sneakers for comfort. This is something I would wear to work, especially wit this bag. It’s one I take while traveling pretty often. I would also wear this to a dinner or out with friends. This outfit is very versatile.

Casual Summer

This outfit below is one I actually have worn to work in real life, again I work in a very casual environment, but this outfit still looks put together and chic. When I travel for work I’m walking more than usual, so I want to be comfortable. I chose sneakers to wear and loved the white shirt with brown pants and white sneakers. I chose a classic white tee, but you could do black, navy blue, there are so many options! I also loved the leather strip on my Chloe bag that matched the acorn color on the pants perfectly!

Brown pants outfit, smart casual look with white tshirt, Chloe Woody tote bag, and white sneakers.

Casual Fall

I added a casual blazer on top of a t-shirt for fall. It adds a layer for warmth and the deconstructed style is perfect to keep a casual vibe.

Brown pants outfit, casual look with white tshirt, cream leather Coach backpack, white snekers, and a black unlined blazer

Casual Winter

This outfit is a good winter look. These loafers are so comfy and bring the brown trousers to a more casual level. All of these pieces can go in either direction, but styled together they give off a more casual vibe, especially when you add a backpack. There is nothing worse than a guy in a nice suit grabbing a backpack when he leaves the office. It completely downgrades the outfit. No offense guys, but i see this much more often with men than women. In this case I chose a nice leather bag- not a canvas option with 11 zippers. The bag really does have an impact on your look!

Brown pants outfit, casual winter look with cream mott and bow swater, cream leather blackpack, brown plaid pants, and Dolce vita suede loafers.

Smart Casual Spring

This is one of my absolute favorite outfits. I am beginning to fall in love with classic button downs, they make any look classier! I have also started following a lot of ‘old money’ style accounts on Instagram and loving the vibe. I was curious if the loafers would work with the color of these pants and I am so happy they match perfectly!

smart casual look with white button down, Chloe Woody tote bag, and suede loafers.

Smart Casual Summer

I grabbed this tee on sale and it is such great quality. It’s oversized and nice and thick so I don’t have to worry about it losing its shape or beginning transparent. I paried it with the plaid slacks and sneakers for a smart casual look. I would probably keep this look in the office with these specific pants, but if they were wide leg I may wear it out with friends.

smart casual summer look with black tshirt, cream leather blackpack, brown plaid pants, and white sneakers

Smart Casual Fall

Can we talk about how perfect these white booties go with this look? I paired a classic white sweater with my backpack and white booties to complete this brown pants look. This outfit would work with so many color combinations! I’d wear this shopping, out with friends and definitely to work.

Smart casual look with white sweater, cream leather Coach backpack, white booties

Smart Casual Winter

I had to feature this coat for winter, it is a light weight puffer in midlength with a hood. It’s perfect for a winter day in Texas and great for all weather with the hood! I added a Mott and Bow cashmere crew neck sweater underneath and a black bootie to complete this winter look. This is another one I could wear almost anywhere. I love the put together look with a laid back feel.

Smart casual look for winter with black sweater, black leather booties, and a Ralph Lauren winter coat over the Madewell Harlowe pants

Business Casual Spring

An oversized plaid blazer is perfect for the spring. Adding a t-shirt underneath keeps it business casual, as do the chunky loafers with the rubber bottoms. I grabbed my YSL envelope bag for this outfit to further elevate the look. I generally reserve blazers for work, but this outfit, like most so far could be worn almost anywhere. It is so versatile it fits most occasions from a nice dinner to shopping, to a work meeting.

Business Casual Summer

This was a fun outfit to style with the bright color tank. I would only wear this to work if you are sure you’ll keep the jacket on. I wouldn’t suggest only a cami in the office. I paired this outfit with snakeskin pumps and topped the cami with a drapy duster. I feel so chic when I wear a duster and love this vibe for a date night.

Business casual look for summer with tan duster, pink Cami NYC cami, YSL envelope clutch, with dnekeskin pumps and Madewell Harlowe pants

Business Casual Fall

I can’t wait until the weather cools down and i can break out my leather jacket! This one is fitted so I have a classic t-shirt underneath. Remember the key to wearing t-shirts in a business casual or smart casual they have to be great quality. I paired this look with a black and black booties. I’d definitely wear this to work, happy hour, or dinner.

Business Casual Winter

This is a similar look to the previous spring business casual outfit, but instead of a t-shirt, I chose a Mott and Bow cashmeer sweater under the blazer as well as my white booties. I love this look for a styled winter outfit. Every piece in this outfit is a 2023 fall capsule wardrobe essential!

Business casual look for winter with a white tshirt under a plaid oversized blazer, with white booties, YSL envelope clutch, and Madewell Harlowe pants

Elevated Business Casual Spring

I couldn’t complete these outfits without my oversized black button down shirt making. reappearance. I love it styled with the plaid slacks and black booties. Don’t forget a belt to pull the look together. To my, this is 100% a work outfit.

Evelvated Business Casual Summer

For another work outfit, I chose a white blouse, and a more slim fit loafer. This loafer elevates the outfit over the previous more chunky style. It’s a slimmer and cleaner look and makes it more professional to you wear with brown pants.

Elevated Business Casual Fall

This slacks outfit I have paired with a lace cami, fitted leather jacket, and booties. I love this look with the dark colors for dinner or drinks, as well as work. For the office, I would recommend bringing or layering a sweater or additional jacket in case you want to remove the leather.

Brown pants outfit, elevated business casual spring look with a black cami under a black leather jacket, black leather bag bag, brown plaid pants, and black leather booties

Elevated Business Casual Winter

I styled the look below in 2020 and I still love it today. This outfits such a classic, I paired the slacks with a cream chunky sweater and the best Paul Green booties. They are so comfortable and these are the updated version!

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