How to Wear a Shirtdress in the Fall

How to wear a shirtdress in the Fall

There are some pieces that never go out of style. A shirtdress is one of those classics that you’ll want to keep in your closet all year round. I also recommend investing in a good quality shirtdress since you’re sure to wear it a ton! I love shirtdresses all year long, so a simple style is best, but once you have the basics, you can definitely branch out and add to your collection! This fall, I wanted to share just how versatile shirtdresses are by sharing 11 different ways to style them, below!

How to Wear a Shirtdress: 11 Cute Ways

Below, I styled two different shirtdresses in 11 different ways. These styles are mostly interchangeable with any shirtdress, except the duster looks which wouldn’t be possible with the dress that doesn’t button all the way down.

Casual Look

Casual is definitely my most-worn style in general, so I love that you can dress down this piece to allow for everyday wear. It would be great on vacation when you want to look cute but still be comfortable! With this look below I wore my shirtdress with my Adidas superstars, denim jacket, baseball hat, and backpack.

Dressed Up Look

This was the last look I styled in the collection of shirtdresses and I grabbed this jacket on my way out the door. Though it was unexpected, I really ended up loving it! I wouldn’t normally pair black booties with a white dress because of the stark difference, but being that it is fall, and balance with the rest of the look, it was perfect!

Business Look

Shirt dresses were basically made for workwear. They are the women’s equivalent of a suit without actually wearing a suit. This white dress is perfect for dressing up for the office. It’s a great length, modest, and perfect to wear under a blazer. I will recommend making sure to grab one that is less boxy and can accentuate your waist so you don’t swim in it.

Under a Pullover Sweater Look

When it finally gets colder in Dallas, we still wear a shirt dress into fall. I love that it doesn’t get too cold to wear dresses, even without tights sometimes when I wear them with tall boots. In this look, I paired my favorite plaid shirtdress with sweaters and headed out the door! I love this combo, and styled the white dress with another sweater in the video above!

Styled with a Cardigan Sweater

The simplest way to change up your shirtdress is to put a coat or sweater over top! I loved this neutral look with my cream sweater paired with my white shirtdress and high boots. In the video above, I belted it around the sweater with a snakeskin print belt which was the perfect way to break up this solid look.

Duster Over Casual Look

Instead of a jacket, try wearing your shirtdress open over the top of a simple outfit! I paired my open shirtdress with a white cami, blue jeans, and booties for a fun weekend look.

Under a Skirt Look

This was my favorite style for fashion week a couple of years ago, and I’m bringing it back in this post! I love the skirt-over-dress look and think it gives both pieces a new life. For this look, I chose a mini-skirt so the dress peeks out on the bottom as well as the top, but you can also go for a longer skirt and wear the shirtdress just as the top! Another option is to choose a tulle or sheer skirt to wear over the shirtdress for a whimsical twist!

Detail Layer

Need a little extra detail in your fall fashion? This is the most subtle way to wear a shirtdress. I tied my chambray shirt over the top of my shirtdress, rolled the sleeves together, and layered the collars. Then I pulled on my suede skirt to match the top and let my shirtdress peek out from underneath.

Makeshift Skirt Look

Following the last two styles, I bet you knew this was coming! Tying up a button-up shirt over the top of your dress is such a great way to show off a different style with your favorite shirtdress. I rolled the sleeves together and popped the collar for additional detail to show!

Belt your Shirtdress With a Vest

It’s easy to forget the simplest details of an outfit can really make a difference. Adding a belt to cinch the waist of a dress, or grabbing a third layer to add dimension. I added my vest on top, but also belted the dress underneath with a belt in the same shade as my shoes and the piping on my vest.

Wear your Shirtdress as a Duster Over your Dress

Here is another duster style with this button-up shirtdress. I wore this style open over the top of a fitted dress underneath. This outfit is a little more dressed up than the casual duster look, but based on the print and material of my shirtdress, it will always be on the more casual side.

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